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Considering using a drone? 

Marketing a real estate property is one of the most difficult things to do in business today.  The competition is brutal, partly because online listings generate most of the leads. Almost every property buyer today begins their search online.  So, it can be really hard to stand out from the pack.

Using drones for real estate photography will become increasingly common now that it’s easier for real estate agents to operate them, or vendors are abundant offering thier services. No matter what rules are in place, using drones will spark some degree of controversy, but there’s no rebottling that genie. Now that federal, state and industrial organizations agree on the major points, drone adoption and operation will quickly escalate. I've used drones in many of my marktinf campaigns and have been very pleased and surprised by the responses I've received. 


Here is a recent example for a new listing.



42435 N Sombrero Rd Drone Video


If you’re considering using drones for real estate photography, embrace it and be ready for it: You might be one of the first in your area to offer clients that service, making you stand out from the competition while adding a serious wow factor to your marketing.


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