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Compelling, high-converting website content is how modern agents earn leads today. To help you start (or kickstart) your online marketing and lead generation efforts, reserve your seat for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, September 19th with Placester.

During our in-depth session, "The Keys to Generating High-Quality Leads with Content Marketing," one of Placester's marketing experts will join ActiveRain to share some detailed tips that can boost your lead gen totals— and bottom line — including how to:

• Develop and refine your buyer personas
• Create a content calendar for your site
• Research keywords for your SEO strategy

Be sure to sign up for the exclusive ActiveRain webinar today, and join us on the 19th to discover how you can turn your website into a lead-generating machine.


Key Takeaways:

On September 19, 2017 ActiveRain University welcomed back Placester for yet another signature knowledge-packed webinar of insights for real estate success. As is our tradition, our community evangelist, Bob Stewart, welcomed Placester's Senior Business Representative, Jon Prashaw, as they discussed a topic near and dear to everyone's heart in the Rain, content marketing. Whether you're looking to start your content marketing or wish to reevaluate what you already have running, this webinar is sure to put you on the fast track to generating high-quality leads!


So without further ado, here are the keys to success Jon and Bob discussed throughout the webinar!


Create or reevaluate your buyer personas

Your buyer personas are the individuals you want to engage with your online presence, so determine who they are and what they want from you content-wise

Some of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself when creating your buyer personas or constructing new ones include: 

  • Who is your ideal customer? Are they buyers or sellers? Aspiring or existing homeowners?
  • What do they want to learn from you? What kind of value do they expect from local agents?
  • What information do they need to make housing decisions? How do they want to consume said info?


Plan your content creation with a calendar

Before creating a single asset for your website, develop a doc or spreadsheet where you can add ideas, schedule them over time, and allot time to create them


Since brainstorming content ideas and getting them jotted down is important, follow these steps to build your calendar:

  • Create a new doc or spreadsheet or use content/project-planning software like Trello
  • Throw every content idea you have onto your computer - anything that comes to mind
  • Segment your ideas into buckets based on the ideal content type: blog, guide, checklist, etc.

Research Popular, local, long-tail keywords


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains a vital component to agents' online marketing success, so ensure all of your content is optimized accordingly

You can't "win" at SEO until you learn the best practices associated with the marketing tactic - three of which include: 

  • Using Google Keyword Planner to discover the keywords your audience searches regularly
  • Adding the most popular keywords in terms of monthly search volume to a single spreadsheet
  • Organizing all of those keywords into groups based on phrasing similarities and prioritizing each one

Develop your essential website pages first

Whether you have had a website for years or are just launching one now, it's smart to audit your primary pages: homepage, about page,area pages, and community pages.

To learn how to craft compelling copy and incorporate attractive imagery to your main site pages, use these expert tips and tricks:

  • Share succint value prop on your homepage and a longer version on your about page (~300 words)
  • Embed any photos, graphics and videos to these pages that help explain your brand and objectives
  • Select several appealing listings - yours or otherwise - to showcase accross your main website pages

Produce Articles, Videos and Other Resources

Once your website foundation is built, turn your attention to constructing pages that position you as a go-to resource - and the premier agent - in your market


Head back to your editorial calendar to comb over your previous content ideas and move forward with the best options

  • Plan your production schedule for explainer, listing and neighborhood tour videos as well as live streams
  • Determine the optional long-form guides you can create and gate behind lead capture forms
  • Ensure area pages that spotlight neighborhoods include accompanying copy that explains the community


Anyone who has been part of the community for  a while now would know that Bob just LOVES to talk about best practices in content marketing and he has personally helped many a Rainer succeed in blogging. So make sure to watch the entire webinar so you can catch all those knowledge bombs that he dropped throughout the hour.


If you have any questions about the webinar or about any of the services offered by Placester send them an email at sales@placester.com or call them at 800-722-9114.


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If the awesome webinar wasn't enough already, Make sure you grab your copy of Placester's e-book,  The Art of Building a Lead-Generating Real Estate Website: The 10-Step Guide for Agents


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