Fishing for Leads

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Do you like to fish?  If you do, then you will relate to this blog.  I like to fish.  I lose patience sometimes, but if the sun is shining and the fishing isn’t good, I always enjoy just being there.  Fishing reminds me of practicing real estate.  Bob and I use lures a lot, and lures can be like leads.  Some lures are good, some are not so good.  Some leads are good and some leads are awful. 


Fishing requires time, patience and effort as does real estate.  Fishing doesn’t always end with success; neither does real estate.  Some days fishing requires more effort than the enjoyment it brings, and a day of unsuccessful lead generation can feel the same way.  It doesn’t mean we stop fishing.  We just try it again, much like practicing real estate.


I love that old proverb, feed a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime (paraphrased).  I don’t want to watch Bob fish all the time.  I want to join in.  Likewise, in real estate, you don’t want to watch others generate leads.  You want to be able to reap your own rewards from lead generation.  Whether you buy your leads or you’re assigned your leads, it all comes down to the art of it.  Fishing is an art, as is lead generation.  To be able to feel the bite, snag the bite and reel in the fish takes practice.  To be able to take a lead, wash the lead and turn the lead into a sale takes practice as well.


We teach agents about “farming.”  I think I’d like to teach them about “fishing.”  Find a good spot, settle in, put the bait on the hook, cast your reel and do whatever you do to make a fish want to take your bait.  What kind you’ll use is up to you.  Lures, live shrimp, worms, they all serve different functions in different types of water.  You must learn the art of fishing from a seasoned fisherman.  In real estate, you cannot learn the art of lead generation on your own.  You must learn from a professional.


Just like fishing, you’ll need a license.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School specializes in getting its students licensed.  We have daytime, evening and online classes.  We have a crazy huge pass rate that tells me we’re doing something right.  We have loyal students who willingly speak highly about our school and our instructors.  We have repeat students who use us throughout their real estate careers.  We have former students, brokers, managers and people not even associated with a real estate career who sing our praises and who refer students to us.  We are simply the best real estate school around.  Just like the captain of a fishing boat, you will not find anyone more interested in your career than I am.  I’m Carrie Hughes and I want to partner with you to get you where you need to go, so let me know how we can help.

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