New Wordpress Featured Listing Plugin

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We are in the process of final testing a new RealBird Featured Listing Wordpress plugin for self-hosted Wordpress real estate sites/blogs. 

We are now running the beta plugin in production on one of our blogs at  Take a look to see a live exmple.

Once installed on your own blog, you'll be able to just add a shortcode to a post and the RealBird plugin will pull dynamic listing information from your RealBird database. You will be able to update the details on RealBird as usual and it automatically updates it on your blog as well with full SEO benefits (no iframes).

The goal is to make it simple for you: post it once on your blog and keep it up-to-date via RealBird, while keeping all the seo benefits

If you are a Wordpress RE blogger and would like to use this new RealBird plugin, please let us know by clicking Like below or by commenting 


Thanks !

-- The RealBird team



Example rental listing is courtesy of John Williams

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