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Schools in Laramie, WY: Centennial Elementary

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Schools in Laramie, WY: Centennial Elementary

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Moving to Laramie?                   Already live in Laramie?                   Moving to a different neighborhood? 

Have no fear!  All the schools in Laramie boast excellent reviews and acheivement data.  Laramie also has three free public schools of choice - Snowy Range Academy, Laramie Montessori and UW Lab school. Additionally, Rock River K - 12  accepts and transports students from Laramie.   When possible, the school district may issue boundary exceptions.  Want more information on how it all works? 

Ask us how:  Call Brenda at  ( 3 0 7 ) 3 9 9 - 5 4 7 7  or Chelsea at  ( 3 0 7 ) 7 6 1 - 1 2 3 1

Albany County School District #1 encompasses all schools in Albany County.  Centennial is a small town (as evidenced by the student enrollment) nestled at the base of the mountains  33 miles west of Laramie.  Once students complete fifth grade, they are transported to Laramie for the rest of their school years.

 Centennial Elementary School Live in Laramie Real Estate

Grades - K - 5                         #of students 2016-2017:  Kindergarten - 2                 Third Grade - 1

                                                                                              First Grade - 1                     Fourth Grade - 1

                                                                                              Second Grade - 0                Fifth Grade - 1 

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Great post about schools - I think that really brings in the interested buyer.

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