Decorating when downsizing to a Condo or Townhome

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Thinking of moving from a large home to a condo or townhome can be frightening.  Although you plan to purge your household and sell or donate excess furniture and other household items, it can still be a challenge to adjust to decorating for a small space. 

Fortunately, there are many ideas on the internet or in decorating magazines now to help with decorating in small spaces.  More and more people are downsizing or thinking about downsizing and the industry is starting to respond.  Decorators are featuring design ideas for using small spaces efficiently and attractively.  Companies are also designing and manufacturing furniture that fits in smaller spaces. Certainly the minimalist and the growing popularity of a more contempory look with simple lines can help a small space feel less cluttered.  Also the trend towards creating open spaces rather than small enclosed rooms and spaces with higher ceilings creates a feeling of a more expansive space.  Open floor plans also allow multi purposes for the same space.  Also using lighter colors, painting dark wood work, doors, and cabinets white can make the space feel larger.  Also it can be very helpful to avoid heavy window coverings and draw on natural light as well as using well placed lighting at night. 

Here are some links I recently found for living in small spaces:


Then follow this link to check out some of the condos and townhomes that are available in the Denver metro area now.  Downsizing-in-Denver

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