4th Quarter, Everyone's Sleeping...

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Hey Greg

I woke up this morning and realized it was October 4th and we were into our 4th quarter. Wow, that year went quick. The real AHA! was I hadn't set my goals yet for 4th quarter. Lots has happened in the 3rd quarter, closings were down, my focus was on interviewing and building a team.  

This quarter will be different my goals are stated, my focus is laser beamed. I'm starting with Heyl, following up with BOLD, keeping up to date on my reading and losing another 15 pounds by years end. We're setting 100 appointments from now until December 31....Maybe that will be 20 pounds by the end of the year. ;) 

What are you doing this quarter? Let me know, it all starts with accountability. 

I apologize for the second 'tablecloth" shirt this week, it reminds me of picnics I suppose. 




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