Facebook Video Ads For Realtors

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Facebook is currently one of the best lead generation and business building options available to real estate agents.  One tool they offer is the ability to create “Facebook Video Ads”. 


Facebook Video Ads For Realtors

Why use video? According to research, the use of video leads to better message retention by your audience and, most importantly, a higher conversion rate of ad views into ad clicks. 


Setup of an effective Facebook video ad for your real estate business is very easy.  Here are the 3 steps to follow:


The 3 steps to effective Facebook Video Ads For Real Estate Agents:

1. An offer of value

2. Landing page to capture leads

3. A short video to use in your Ad


I'm going to jump right into point 3 with video ad example.  This video is designed to generate leads by offering a seller guide.  Check it out here...


Using video for your Facebook Ads only requires a short video like this example.  The 3 key takeaways from the video:


1. Emphasize your value offer early in the video. 

2. Highlight the offer with a couple of quick points. 

3, And close the video with a call-to-action and direct the video to click to get the offer. 


It's that easy.


Here is another example with the agent using a different approach with the video.  More personalized with the agent in the video.  



An effective ad campaign doesn't end with a video.  Tthe most important aspect of an effective lead generating Facebook video ad is To Send Traffic To A Facebook Integrated Landing Page.


What is a "Facebook Integrated Landing Page"?


It's the key to your marketing campaign.  This tip is NOT LIMITED to Facebook video ads because it makes the process of lead capture much easier.  You should use this with everything you're doing on Facebook.


Your Facebook audience is already logged into Facebook.  The Facebook integrated page allows you to take advantage of this and make it easier to capture leads.


You can replace the typical lead capture form and replace it with a button that is integrated with Facebook.  This page delivers lead information from Facebook to your lead database with a click of a button.








Key Takeaway: The use of a landing page with this type of setup will result in a higher conversion rate and ultimately a more cost-effective marketing campaign.  This type of page setup is easy when using postAprop.  Its already in place on a number of different designs.  Just click and your page is ready with Facebook integration in place, lead database, and email marketing too.


For a FREE how-to video, live page examples, proven case studies of Facebook ad campaigns, and a recently updated Facebook Marketing Guide For Real Estate visit:


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More resources to know?  Visit the postAprop blog for a number of marketing tips for real estate agents. 




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