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The NY State MLS has an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) and this exchange allows for a real estate agent or broker to display listings from the MLS on their website.  


Even listings that don't belong to that particular broker?


YES!  That is the beauty of the MLS IDX, listing reciprocity that allows brokers to display each others listings on their website and that in turn helps brokers capture more leads from their website. 


Even if you don't have any listings?


YES! If you have listings great, but many people who are between listings can still capture leads from the IDX listings on the their website.


The IDX is a great way to build your business and your brand, capture leads and appear as if you are a large brokerage.  It can help your brokerage recruit more agents and it will also help you on listing appoints when you are selling your services to the public.

To get the IDX feed on your website you must be a member of the MLS and then you can apply for IDX.  Your website designer will build you a site that can capture leads based on listing display.  The IDX does have display rules that require you to give credit to the listing broker that provided each listing, and this way you are also disclosing that you are not the listing agent.  There are several IDX plugins and companies that provide search capabilites, but the listings themselves come from the MLS where you are a member.  


For more information on setting up the NY State MLS IDX on your website contact us today at office@nystatemls.com or chat with us online at http://www.nystatemls.com




Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker
Elizabeth Anne Weintraub, Broker - Sacramento, CA
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Something else that people don't realize about IDX is that it elevates your own website in Google. I'm one of the few agents in Sacramento with my own IDX. So when people search for  property address, for example, in Google, you'll get the major brokerages in town and then you'll see Elizabeth Weintraub. Buyers think I'm the listing agent and they call me.

Oct 05, 2017 09:02 AM