The TRUTH about eXp Realty by Gene Frederick

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 Though eXp has existed for the past eight years much of it's exponential growth has happened in the past two years.  It has experienced 180% growth two years in a row. 

It took six years for eXp Realty to reach 1000 agents.


It took six months after that to reach 2000 agents.


Three months later eXp Realty realty reached 3000 agents!



See former Keller Williams and Re/Max TOP agent Gene Frederick in the video below as he tells his personal story of coming out of retirement, selling six of his real estate franchises as well as the entire north California region that he owned with Keller Williams in order to join the new paradigmn shift in real estate brokerage model with eXp Realty.  A model that is all about the agents! 


Real Estate Agents, have you heard about the growth of eXp Realty?   eXp was founded in 2009 by Glenn Sanford.   Glenn is a former Rookie of the year for Prudential Realty (2002) as well as a former Top 50 agents for Keller Williams Realty.  eXp Realty is Glenns answer to many agents that he saw leave the real estate industry after the housing crisis.    eXp is an agent-centric yet client-focused real estate brokerate that helps agents utilize state of the art tools to be more efficient and grow their businesses.




Real Estate Cloud Campus Collaboration  Real Estate Coaching


eXp Realty is an Innovative Brokerage

Technology has changed everything and most real estate professionals these days do not have a need for brick and mortar yet find themselves paying very high commission splits and boutique brokerage owners find themselve tied down my paperwork and facing huge expenses.    At eXp 1/3 of our brokerage are former boutique broekerage owners or BIC compliant agents that come over to eXp Realty as they can lower their expenses, reduce their liability, keep their branding they have worked so hard to build and grow their businesses and be Powered by eXp. 

Why boutique brokerage owners join eXp realty


If you are a licensed real estate agent play around with our calculators to see what a career at eXp can do for you


Brokerage Comparison Calculator 

Revenue Share Calculator 

Team Revenue Share Calculator 

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Voted Best Work Place by Washington Post



eXp is a DEBT free company that was recently given an "outperform" rating by global investment firm William Blair


How do real estate agents obtain stock awards from eXp Realty for doing what they would do at any other brokerage?

Stock Awards for Real Estate Production


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