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Bob and I were in New England for a couple of weeks.  Our intention was to visit family and friends and to have our annual meeting with our Administrative Assistant, Judy, who handles the school database.  Combining that with a trip to Bar Harbor, ME, seemed like a good way to see the foliage and to take care of business.  When we got to Maine, we discovered 70-80° weather!  What happened?  New England is usually in full regalia by the time October rolls around.  We still enjoyed the scenery and the little bits of reds and golds that were available, but it was nothing like years gone by.


Expecting foliage fullness and getting foliage barely out caused me to think about the real estate industry.  So often we wonder, “What happened?”  Many is the time we invest our time, energy and even money into a seller or a buyer who turns out to be completely opposite of what we thought.  Instead of signing on the dotted line, the prospect ends up with another agent, and we are left scratching our heads and asking ourselves, “What happened?”


The practice of real estate is never for the faint of heart.  Neither is it for those who cannot embrace change at a moment’s notice, those who cannot think quickly on their feet, and those who take everything personally.  You never know exactly what happened.  Sometimes things are better than you anticipate, but often things erupt and turn out negatively.  We all must be able to combat anything that comes along.


If you are thinking about a career in real estate, I would encourage you to first examine your motives, your ability to empathize, and your patience.  If you find yourself to be someone who wants to serve others, who can put others’ needs above your own, and who can patiently lead a prospect into a situation best for the prospect, you may be a terrific candidate for a real estate license.  In that case, you may find yourself in another year or so kicking up your heels or twirling around with joy and saying to yourself, “What happened?”  And what happened could very well be the best thing to ever happen in your professional life!  If you take this life-changing step, you may be the one who grasps the practice of real estate and who runs, not walks, toward success.  You may be the one to make it.


If you’ve been wanting a career in real estate, you owe it to yourself to follow the path toward becoming successful.  TEAM Hughes Real Estate School presents pre-license classes each month in Pensacola and in Niceville, FL.  We offer daytime fast track classes as well as evening classes.  Check out our website for a full schedule, and hopefully, you’ll let us help you get your license so that you can ask, “What happened?” with a smile on your face!


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Anthony Acosta - ALLATLANTAcondos.com
Harry Norman, REALTORS® - Atlanta, GA
Associate Broker

Good morning Carrie Hughes 

Thank you for sharing your information with us.

Oct 18, 2017 05:07 AM
Carrie Hughes
TEAM Hughes Real Estate School - Pensacola, FL
REI and Lic. RE Broker

Hi Anthony:  I just saw this comment and apologize for not responding sooner.  Thanks for reading it and commenting!

Oct 23, 2017 06:22 AM