If your not buying you're selling!

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When you look at life, you are always selling AND buying. Relationships are all about selling yourself, sharing your desires, and introducing the direction you want to head. 

The sales arena has really gotten a bad rap over the years. Terms like "salesie", "pushy sales people" and perhaps "unscrupulous sales person" have entered the English language. 

What these terms display is simply a negative sales presentation or event someone has experienced. Their opinion has been terminally jaded by what they have gone through. 

The reality is, everyone is in sales in one form or fashion. The Mom who wants to get their kiddos to do what she knows is best is always promoting the best "sales effort" she can muster! 

Those wanting to gain a relationship with someone else or enhance a relationship are in sales. Their results will be contingent upon how well they present and "close the deal"! 

I have been told that I am a natural salesman. I never felt that way. Over my life and the multiple businesses I have founded I always hired a sales team. I felt I was better at training them on the best aspects of relationship building then on how to actually close the deal. 

Salesmanship, in my humble opinion, is nothing more than finding a product you can believe in and share with the utmost integrity. 

Everything else seems to require more work and can lead you outside the realm of what I refer to as a "transaction of integrity". 

Look inside yourself and see if this story resonates with you and please share your comments!   

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