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Taking Title as Tenants in Common, Laramie, WY

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Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate:  Tenants in Common

In Wyoming, taking Title as Tenants in Common is one of the eight standard options.  The BASIC concepts of a Tenancy in Common as described in  "The Language of Real Estate" by John W. Reilly (2006, by Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc) are:
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  • It is the most commonly held form of co-ownership
  • Each entity or person with ownership interest can be referred to as a co-tenant
  • Each co-tenant has an undivided interest in the whole property
  • Each co-tenant is entitled to undivided possession of the property according to his or her proportionate share
  • Ownership interest is considered to be equal among co-tenant unless conveyance documents indicate otherwise
  • No right of survivorship
  • If one co-tenant dies their share will pass to heirs or beneficiaries (not the other co-tenants)
  • The share of each co-tenant IS subject to probate if that co-tenant dies
  • Any co-tenant can sell their share without the permission of the other co-tenants
  • Since a co-tenant's share is subject to probate, it can create uncertainty if a co-tenant dies without a will or other arrangements.

As with Joint Tenancy, the concept of Tenancy in Common takes a full two pages to explain in the book cited above. So, again only an attorney can advise whether or not Tenancy in Common might work for you.  


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Great post funny part is many agents would not past the test if you asked them... on a side note Buyers need to know this, Endre

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