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Ohio Facebook Group for Real Estate & Home Services

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One of my favorite venues for marketing for buyers and sellers is none other than Facebook.

When I first signed up for FB, I was thinking, "what am I doing"? This is for young people. 

I soon realized there are hundreds of thousands of users that are much older than I am and it is also an excellent way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

I see a lot of personal posts about people that include "life events" etc. that I would have never heard of if we weren't connected on Facebook.

For the past few years, I started using this venue for marketing to my clients and potential clients and the payoff has been tremendous! It is such an easy way of staying in front of my contacts w/o having to be "in their faces."

I have been getting a LOT of new clients due to my presence and marketing on the site and if you aren't doing it too, you are missing out!

I have several area specific type groups for southwestern Ohio.

My main FB group is; Ohio Real Estate for Sale or Rent & Home Services & Mortgage Info

Obviously, this is a long name for a group, but, it clearly defines the purpose of the group and can be found by using several search terms.

Once in this group, you will find over a dozen other "connected" groups that are very similar, but, more focused on specific areas in Ohio. (mostly the greater Cincinnati region)

If you would like to join any of my groups, you are welcome to do so. There are several rules within the groups in hopes of keeping them clean and content specific. I do not allow garage sale type items nor FSBO's.

My business partner and I recently launched a completely revised website for southern Ohio real estate and if you'd like to check it out too, please stop by and let us know what you think. http://www.swohiorealestate.com/