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Jumbo home financing with only 5% down payment is now available for qualified home buyers throughout Missouri. If you plan to purchase a home $2,000,000 or less, you may have financing options up to 95% loan to value. Buyers with 10% down have options to 3.0mil. These programs are especially good for home buyers purchasing in more costly locations of St. Louis or Kansas City. All low down payment jumbo options listed require strong qualifying standard, please see the latest Jumbo purchase requirements.


Also important to note, the home to be purchased must be owner-occupied.  Available options consist of ARM and fix rate, terms along with single or combo loan structures.  NO monthly mortgage insurance, PMI on all programs.  


Low Down Payment Advantages:

There are a few advantages for buyers to put little money down on their next home:

Funds for remodeling – Most buyers agree that no home is 100% perfect and will require some updating or personal touches. By conserving cash, you can save the rest of your money for needed improvements, new furniture, etc.

Lack of funds due to current home – even as the housing market has improved in recent years, property values in some markets are still 15% + below their all-time highs; so if you are making a lot less on the sale of your current residence, this program helps you get into a new home now to take advantage of low-interest rates and home prices that are still below their all-time highs set way back in 2007.

Still waiting on current home to sell or close -  Maybe it as taken longer than anticipated to sell your current residence? Or you have to move due to job relocation, etc?  The 5% and 10% down jumbo programs can provide an option to get into a new home with a minimum down payment. 

Conserving funds for other investments – check with your financial professional first but certain cases it makes sense to put less down and keep your money working for you in stocks, etc. Or maybe you want to start a new business in the near future, all things to consider. 


Loan To Value & Credit Score Requirments:

Owner Occupied Homes Only

  • 5% Down  - $2,0000,0000 - 700 Credit
  • 10% Down - $3,000,000 - 700 Credit
  • 15-20% Down - $3,500,000 +  720 Credit


Important Loan Requirements: 

  • All borrowers must fully document income and assets
  • Adjustable Rate and Fix Interest Rate Options (30, 15-year fix or 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARM)
  • First & Second mortgage combo (80/10 - 80/15) or single loan options available depending on the state
  • Single Family, townhomes, condos only. No construction-permanent financing on your own lot.  House being sold new by home builder is eligible
  • The eligible transactions includes purchase and rate-term refinance. Jumbo Cash Out refi also available, but at reduced loan to value. 

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Serving all greater STL and metro-east including - St. Charles County, Jefferson, Madison County, St Clair, Monroe, Franklin, Warren, Lincoln County 

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