How does BBB help your business?

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Lately, I realized that, I more utilize businesses who are listed under BBB. That maybe the confidence of having an option to complain and get results.

Therefore, last week, I decided to list by Vacation Rental business Destin Condo Rental under BBB Pensacola, FL.


Here are the few justifications I considered:

- All vacation rental sites are changing the rules of the game, and being more and more expensive for either owners or guests. Therefore, I established my own site for my condos in Pelican Beach Resort

- In order to get visitors to your own site, backlinks are very important for search engines. They weigh the importance of your site. Although there is a debate that no-follow links are no important to Google, I do not believe in that. Google would not waste the links in website of BBB

- If a visitor decides to book from my own site, they are concerned in case of problems or they are left in front of the door. BBB gives them the confidence, at least a bit more, compared to renting from a stranger

- Last, but the least important, is traffic from BBB site. I do not think anyone will search Vacation Rental in BBB and come visit my site, but again, who knows 


What are your views and experience?

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