That's not My Job!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Classic Realty Associates

Have you ever heard an agent or anyone in business make the comment..." I am not gonna do that ...not my job." Well if you have never heard this statement, either you haven't been in  business very long or you are practicing in another universe.   What we feel differentiates quality service from average, or poor service, is that willingness to sacrifice and go the extra steps to insure your clients goals are achieved.   Yes, sometimes it is painful,  but the rewards can comeback tenfold if you really make a habit out of exceeding their expectations! As they say ...good things are worth waiting for. They truly are.  We have watched agents sometimes wait two years for a  large commercial transaction to finally close and fund. Boy! That takes patience.  But the rewards can often far outway the minor inconveniences.   So everytime you go out of your way to help a client..look at it as an investment in your future!  You never know who they will send your way one day.

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Becky Respess
Broker/Associate Century 21 Judge Fite Co - Cedar Hill, TX

Oh yea! I have heard that so many times and not only in the real estate field. How many times have you picked up dirty underwear at a seller's house or made a bed or loaded a dishwasher for a showing. You mentioned patience and that really is important in this business. Great post guys!

May 16, 2008 08:45 AM
Barry Bridges
Barry Bridges Weichert Realtors Bridges & Co. - Smith Mountain Lake, VA
Lake professional

EVERYTHING in the sale is our job.
Good post

May 16, 2008 08:51 AM
James Jeter
Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership - Carrollton, TX
James Jeter

Sometimes it's not even while you're working.  I was coming out of a gas station yesterday and a gas station employee was throwing away a cart full of empty boxes.  It fell down and littered the doorway.  No other employee jumped to help.  Customers walked over the litter and went about their business.  Yours truly bent down and picked up the boxes and help here clean her mess.  I think it's everyone's job to help someone, whether at work, play, or just paying $4 for a gallon of gas!

May 16, 2008 09:02 AM