Tips to Keep in Mind When Adding a Bathroom to Your Bowie Home

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Living in a house where there’s only one bathroom can be an inconvenience especially when there’s more than two people sharing the same space.

Do you live in a single-bathroom home in Bowie?  Are you considering adding a tub, an extra half or full-bathroom?  First, adding an extra bathroom is one of the soundest investments you can make to your home.  The money you put into a second or third bathroom should pay handsomely should you decide to sell your house in the future.

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home and it can have a profound impact on how prospective buyers see your home in the future once you’re ready to sell it.  If you’ve been thinking about the process or want to add another bathroom without relocating, you’ll want to keep some of these tips in mind.

1.  Before deciding where you want to add a tub/bathroom, you’ll want to identify where your existing water and waste lines are in the home.  Adding a bathroom across the house could add more complexities along with the proposed expenses.

2.  Single-story homes with crawl space have a bit more flexibility for adding a bathroom since crawl spaces provide easy access for running plumbing lines.  But, there are lots of slab homes in Bowie that could be costly to add a bathroom because you do not have the ability to run the plumbing beneath the house.  If you have a two-story house, aligning your new bathroom with your existing one can ease plumbing challenges.

3.  Bringing in natural sunlight and ventilation are a big plus.  Seeing that it is the only room in your house you may spend most of your time locked inside, why not make it more inviting and turning it into one of the most valuable rooms in your home.

4.  It’s nice to have high-end fixtures and options such as a towel warmer, heated floors, and a heat lamp.  You may even want to go with neutral palettes and classic tiles.

5.  Always hire licensed and bonded contractors and make sure proper permits are pulled.  You want to make sure you are covered in the event of any problems and can show future buyers that work was professional done and meet all necessary code requirements.

If adding a bathroom sounds like more hassle than it’s worth, you might want to consider moving to a new home.  The WatkinsTeamRE will be happy to help you find a home with your dream bathroom already included!


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