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🏡Annadale Staten Island Homes for Sale

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Why do you think Annadale Staten Island has become one of the biggest real estate juggernauts when it comes to selling homes?


Selling a home is not an easy process to a homeowner like you. You need to know how to attract buyers, how to close the best deal and how to move with ease and own your new place.


My name is Fred Herman and I know exactly how you feel. I left Brooklyn more than 40 years ago and moved to Staten Island. More and more houses are being listed on the market everyday which means houses stay on the market longer. Some homes are staying on the market for weeks or months.


The once abundant woodland of Annadale slowly developed into a growing neighborhood for the last three decades.  The homes are growing in numbers and this is what makes this “a slice of heaven in New York City”.


Homes for Sale in Annadale Staten Island - We give you our full service at a reduced price!

How do you make sure your home doesn’t stay on the market for a long time?


First, make sure it doesn’t lack curb appeal. The best REALTORSⓇ will always remind you that if you cannot get your possible buyers past your front yard, you won’t be able to get them in your front door. Paint your front door, clear your windows, and enrich your lawn. Did you hear about making sure dandelions are not present? Stand at your front door and imagine yourself as the buyer. What catches your attention while you’re waiting at the door?


Next, allow as many showings as possible. The real estate market is operating 24/7 nowadays. Most of the serious buyers are only available on the weekends or in the evening. In other words, don’t turn down any showing even if it’s off-hours for you. Maintain the light and brightness of your home, leave the temperature comfortable, and turn on all your lights. Remember,  the goal is to make them stay longer and desire to come back.


Finally, appropriate upgrades should be made. If there are similar properties in Annadale that have upgrades such as granite, new windows or stainless steel appliances, make sure you compare by updating the areas of your home that need to be remodeled. Believe me, buyers will notice this especially if you haven’t upgraded in a decade.


Sell your home to veterans, military, city, state and federal government workers!


While it is commonly known that specific benefits are available for our brave countrymen who have served in the military, many of you and our other veterans and families do not know that you could be eligible for an even bigger range of benefits. You hold a special place in my heart. I appreciate your service to our country and want to help you out.  


I offer a full service realty company but for a discounted fee!


You can list your home for only 2.75% if you fall into the category mentioned above. And if you aren’t yet a retiree, I can help you list your home for 2.90% and still save you thousands! I can also assist you if you have questions on how to acquire a VA loan that will allow you to purchase a home without a down payment and without mortgage insurance.


I’ll be with you throughout your journey of selling your home and when you need help in looking for a new home, I’ll still be right behind you!


Top Real Estate Agent in Annadale Staten Island - There’s only one name in Annadale, Staten Island who gets you what you need, when you need it: Fred Herman!

Are you ready to list your home on the market?


You can customize your searches at the bottom to have a better idea of the homes for sale. The styles of the homes are Colonial, Hi Ranch, Raised Ranch, Townhouse, Contemporary and many others.


A sample of a higher priced residential property that’s newly listed has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a space of 3,125 sq. ft. This colonial style home was built in 2006. It’s listed at $959,000.


Meanwhile, there is another home for sale in a lower range that is still fairly expensive. It is a lovely townhouse with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a living space of 1,344 sq. ft. This house was built in 2003 and is priced at $575,000.


I’m ready to be your REALTORⓇ!


Don’t forget to call me at 718-948-1820. We can start talking about your goals and I will give you some wise suggestions on how we can sell your house fast in Annadale, Staten Island.


Again, my name is Fred Herman and I’ll be your partner!



In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view 🏡Annadale Staten Island Homes for Sale on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iEeCxuewCk&feature=youtu.be