Trouble Finding a Joomla IDX Plugin for Your Website? Read This

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IDX for JoomlaFinding a Joomla IDX plugin that works with your site can be tough! Not all IDX plugins are a fit for every type of website, and some Agents and Realtors® that use Joomla websites are having difficulty finding a Joomla IDX plugin that works with their site.  For example, one Florida MLS has just updated their free IDX solution, but this update makes it unuseable on Joomla websites.  So, are Joomla users just out of luck? 

No.  Your fix: a Joomla IDX plugin like the one from My Buying Buddy IDX CRM  (MBB) that works with Joomla.

To learn more about plugins that are a perfect fit for Joomla sites, and many others, read our most recent blog here.

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Paul Eastwood
Buying Buddy IDX CRM

With the Buying Buddy IDX CRM suite, you are in control! The suite integrates marketing, Lead Capture, and Lead / Client Management all in your website, wherever it is hosted and whatever technology you use.

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