What’s My Home Worth in Mayfield Heights?

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When you sell your home in Mayfield Heights, the first thing you should ask yourself is. How much is the value of your home? But how do you figure it out? Determining how to calculate the value of your home in Mayfield Heights is important. I bet you do not want to end your day knowing that you sold your home for less than it is worth in this market. Let me help you get the most accurate estimation on the value.


How to calculate or determine the worth of your home in Mayfield Heights?


When you've decided to sell your home, you need to know the market value. Keep in mind that sentimental value has nothing to do with your market value. Market value is the estimated price on how much your buyers are willing to pay.


There are online tools available on the internet for free to help you get an estimated price. You need to input your location and then it will give you the estimation. This might be helpful but do not rely on it. When you sell your home, location is not the only basis in setting your price.


To have an overview of the ideal price estimation of your home, you can use basic valuation concepts.


1. Capital Structure


This is when you review the total costs spent when building the home or the original price of the home when you bought it. This is the primary basis in knowing the worth of your home. As with any item or property you have bought, you’ll always base its price on its original worth if you have decided to sell it.


This is to ensure you’ll set a fair and reasonable price for your home. You will not only protect your interest but setting a fair ground for your  potential buyers, too.


2. Location of the property


In appraising a property, you consider the location’s potential for business too. Buyers also take into consideration if the property offers an opportunity for future earnings. Also, you may consider the type of community where your home is located.


For example, if the property resides in a subdivision of high maintenance security there will be more considerations. Moreover, if the community is luxurious, your home will not have an average price tag.


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3. Market Value of Assets


There are other factors in determining the value of your home. One of which is determining your assets within your home. Swimming pools, great architectural backyards, and well-maintained garden are assets. Assets add to the appraisal value of your home.


Considerations in setting the value of your home


1. Using me, Christine Pappas, as your real estate agent.


Having a knowledgeable real estate agent to help and guide you is an asset. The real estate agent's expertise is immeasurable and tested. I am equipped with the experience needed for selling homes in Mayfield Heights. Not opting to have ane experienced agent may cost you later. Here are the following characteristics you can look forward to receiving from a real estate agent. The real estate agent should have:


a. Education and Training

b. Connections

c. Experience with Legalities

d. Negotiation Skills

e. Knowledge of the Market

2. You set your value right.


It is important that you are setting the most ideal price for your home. This is to balance your interest with the buyer’s needs. The right value equates to great deals!

3. Be wise.


Review the sold homes in Mayfield heights so you can have an accurate assessment of the price. Weigh your pros and cons in every decision you make.


Knowing and setting the right worth of your home is a must. If you are hesitant with your own decisions, work with me as your agent. I will help you with all the knowledge and experience that I have. I’m passionate and strive to help every client I’m working with.


If you have questions or are interested in selling/buying a home in Mayfield heights, call me, Christine Pappas, 216-956- 7635. I’ll be happy to guide you.

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