5 Common Real Estate Objections: How to Overcome Objections Without Scripts

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Overcoming common real estate objections isn’t about memorizing the best real estate scripts. In fact, getting really good at handling objections may actually be easier without the ability to fall back on a set of pre-written responses.

Let’s be clear: scripts are a great tool for getting agents in the game quickly. However, becoming over-reliant on scripts may hinder sales success in the long run. For this reason, utilizing strategies that identify and address client concerns may be a better way to handle objections effectively over time.

Read on for strategies on handling some of the most common objections without specific scripts.

5 Common Real Estate Objections

You’ve probably heard plenty of real estate objections over the course of your career; you may even have real estate scripts in mind for overcoming most of them. What you may not have, however, are ways to handle these objections effectively when something unexpected comes up.

Here are 5 common objections along with strategies that will help you handle them when clients throw you curveballs:

  • “I want to interview a few more agents before signing anything.”

Most sellers want to interview at least a few agents before making a final decision. However, if you can convince them that you are without a doubt the best agent for them, they will sign paperwork with you. To do this, ask plenty of questions so you’re able to identify and overcome their concerns about hiring you on the spot.

  • “I already have another agent in mind.”

Sellers often want to hire someone they already know in the industry. In these instances, emphasize how you will sell their home for the best price possible as quickly as possible. Essentially, you want to help them understand that you can get them the best results, which is what they should be concerned about anyway.

  • “I need time to think this over. Let me get back to you.”

If sellers don’t have a reason to sign paperwork with you on the spot, they’ll likely want to leave their options open. Give them that reason by covering your marketing strategy and explaining how you can work on getting their home in front of buyers as soon as you leave.

  • “I can’t afford to pay your commission.”

Commissions do eat into sellers’ profits, so you can’t blame them for wanting to minimize this expense. What you need to do is sell them on your value and on your ability to get them top dollar for their home. At the end of the day, the commission expense won’t matter if their profits are as high or higher than expected.

  • “I’m not going to list my home at this price.”

You and sellers won’t always agree on pricing; this doesn’t have to be something that prevents them from becoming clients. Back up your pricing strategy with data, examples, and experience. If you can effectively show sellers why your pricing strategy differs from theirs, you can also convince them why it’s better.

Additional Resources for Getting Real Estate Listings

Overcoming common real estate objections and getting listings is easier when you come prepared. Create an awesome listing presentation and you’ll walk away with signed paperwork more often than not. Don’t forget that getting listings is only half the battle though. Sell more of the listings you get with a strategy that helps one agent sell 100% of their listings.

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