Are You Using Social Media to Market?

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Social Media


Do you know the percentage of realtors that use social media to market their listings?


NO WAY ONLY 9%? I almost didn’t believe this one either. The audience for home buying wants and craves images of potential homes for them, as well as immediate answers to their questions.

So why haven’t agents delivered on a consistent basis? Social media is an ideal platform for Business to Consumer institutions like real estate agents because it opens the door for real-time conversation.

For example, say an agent posts an album of a newly-listed home. They can also include a quick description of the property and maybe even a video walkthrough. As they share this content on Facebook, the audience can review it all on their own time and devices, and ask questions directly to the listing agent (comments or direct messages, in this example).

The agent could then respond directly to the user, opening the door for personal communication, and inviting them to stop by the property.

In short — get on social media. Share and boost your properties, build your own brand and work on it on a daily basis. This is the only way to engage your audience TODAY.

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