15 Things Sellers Should Do for a Smooth Closing Day Inspection

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Congratulations! You have an accepted offer! It just met all conditions and is now considered sold. Exciting, but don't relax, the deal isn't complete until closing day. On that day, buyers and their agent arrive at the house to inspect it before calling their lawyer to start the transfer process. If there are any discrepencies, it could cause delays and at worst, cancel the deal.

The following is a list of things you can do to prepare for a smooth closing day inspection:

  1. Call and arrange for transfer of utilities immediately. Important point, write the details on a calendar. If there is an amendment to change the closing day, you will need to call all utilities back to change the date. All utilities need to be left on for buyer's to complete their closing day inspection. 
  2. Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address to start on your move-in day.
  3. If you make any changes to the house, make it improvements. If it's cosmetic, ask your agent to get feedback from buyers. Technically, it's not their house yet but ... it's their house. Don't paint the wall a different colour, for example.
  4. Retrieve all keys to door, locks, sheds, mailboxes, anything that will remain with the property.
  5. Gather all documents, warranties, instruction booklets for any appliances, machinery staying with the property, etc.
  6. Move all items out that is considered personal property. Make sure all items agreed to remain, stays in its place. Double check the agreed items to ensure a smooth closing day. 
  7. If you want to take something that is assumed to stay with the house, a bathroom mirror for example, ask your agent.
  8. If you want to leave any items behind, in particular, house related items such as extra tiles, floor boards, paint, etc., ask our agent. It seems like a good idea but checking will ensure a smooth closing day and no last minute rushes to the property to remove items.
  9. Remove wall hanging fixtures, nails, hooks and shelving if they're not written in the deal.
  10. If there are any noticible "new" dings, dents or damage to anything during the move out, fix them. Sure, there may be others but they were approved by the buyer during their home inspection. To play it safe, fix them.
  11. Clean the house thoroughly. Kitchen cabinets & drawers, all appliances if remaining, toilets, floors, baseboards - everything! 
  12. Mow the lawn, curb appeal is still important.
  13. Make sure the property is rid of any garbage, debris and personal items.
  14. If you can avoid it, don't leave garbage on the curb waiting for garbage day.
  15. Leave all documents, warranties, instruction booklets and keys on the kitchen counter. A nice touch would be to leave a note with details about the house and/or neighbourhood that would make a buyer feel welcome.

Ideally, you will have all this complete the day before closing day to allow for any unforseen incidentals. Did I miss anything? Can you suggest anything to make it a great experience for both sellers and buyers?

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