5 Things That Get Damaged When Moving.

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Broken Dishes
Nothing is worse than having your stuff damaged during a move.  The good news is that you could protect your things with a little bit of TLC and extra planning as you’re packing.  Start by focusing on the top things that get damaged during a move and see these tips on how to protect them.
Moving is bad enough.  Want to avoid 7 years of bad luck?  Avoid packing your mirrors in picture boxes without any eco-bubble around them. If the front of the mirror faces the wall of the box without protection, it will likely break and cause a dangerous mess.
Avoid bad luck and transport your mirrors safely using a flat box to provide extra protection. Your key to success is padding, and lots of it.  If you’re doing the packing, line the flat box with crushed packing paper to create a padded bed for the mirror. Wrap the mirror completely in multiple sheets of paper or eco-bubble. Tape the wrapping tightly around the mirror and place the mirror in the box. Fill any gaps with more crumpled paper. Only pack one mirror to a box.
In some cultures plate smashing is symbol of wealth or even good luck.  However, arriving at your new home to find you no longer own a single plate is far from good luck.   When you place your plates in boxes without enough packing paper, you’re committing a moving crime.  The simple rule is that you don’t want to hear the dishes rattling in the box!
Wrap each plate in packing paper, or put styrofoam plates in between your plates. For extra safety, toss in more packing paper, or even kitchen towels for an extra cushion in the box.  You want to essentially layer your plates with paper so that they can absorb an impact.   Don’t forget to label your boxes as fragile.
Drinking Glasses
Drinking glasses break all the time.  Thin glass, boxes, impact…now there’s a formula for a disaster.  But, with simple steps you can ensure they arrive in one piece.
One of the key factors to keeping your glasses and wine glasses from breaking or getting crushed is using the proper box. Use a “dishpack” box that has double thick walls for extra protection. Place your glass on packing paper horizontally. Grab a corner of the packing paper and roll the glass into the paper. Make sure to tuck the sides of the paper in.  Place the wrapped glasses vertically in one layer in the box. They are much more secure vertically. After completing the first layer, place packing paper on top. Repeat these layers until the box is full. Fill all remaining space with crumpled packing paper.
Lamp Shades
You can just imagine the dents or tears you’ll get on your beloved lampshades if you don’t pack your lamp shades properly.
Wrap the lamp shade in eco-bubble wrap, covering every inch. Then fill the interior cavity of the lamp shade with packing paper (do not use newspaper as the print may rub off onto your lamp shade). Fill the box with enough packing paper to keep the shade from shifting around inside. Do not place anything on top of the shade, not even soft items such as linens. Use only packing paper to secure the lamp shade from shifting.
The reason electronics get damaged vary.  From stacking too many things in one box, to failing to protect the boxes from moisture and static.
If you have the original packaging, you’re almost always better off to try moving electronics in their original box. If you tossed the original boxes, use a heavy duty box. Remember, heavy duty boxes are double corrugated to handle heavier items and avoid moisture.  After double taping the bottom of the box in the both directions, pack the bottom of each box with crumbled packing paper for padding. Wrap each electronic component separately in eco-bubble. Pull the wrap over and tape it all together. Make sure the item is completely covered.
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William Feela
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A lot can be damaged and or broken if you are not careful all the time

Nov 12, 2017 10:51 AM