What Are the Benefits of Buying a Historic Home in Northern FL?

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What’s not to love in a historic home?


Historic homes exude charm and beauty. They are quaint and offer a glimpse into the past. They also hold historical significance and maintain their stately appeal and durability despite the many years they have weathered.


Historic homes for sale in Northern FL are often high in demand. They usually sell faster than other homes in the same neighborhood. Listings for historic homes are rare so when one becomes available, there is definitely no shortage of buyers.


Here are some things you need to know before purchasing a historic home, or buying into a historic neighborhood district:

How do you know the home is historically significant?


A historic home means the property is at least a certain age. However, age alone doesn’t make a home historic. A property has to meet several criteria before being listed by an official body as “historic”.


The National Register of Historic Places labels a home historic or significant if it exemplifies a signature architectural style and captures the essence of a given time period. A home may also be considered historic if the original owner of the home had been historically important or if the home may have been designed or built by a prominent architect. Also included in this category are homes where a historic event may have taken place or may be part of a historic neighborhood.


Benefits of purchasing historic properties


Unique aesthetic beauty and visual appeal

Historic homes in Northern FL are aesthetically pleasing with unmatched architecture that has withstood the test of time.


Established neighborhood

Historic homes are typically in established neighborhoods. St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country, has several established neighborhoods for you and your family to choose from. There is gorgeous scenery, lots of things to keep you busy, and great schools because of being in St. Johns County.


Many historic neighborhoods also foster a strong sense of community due to the shared interests of restoration and historic preservation. You may even meet other historical enthusiasts who are interested in preserving history.


Northern FL historic homes for sale- Fall in love with the aesthetic beauty of historic homes in Northern FL.


Tax Incentives  

Some historic homes do qualify for some tax benefits or rehabilitation grants. This can add more value to the investment and offset the costs of owning and maintaining the property.


Many state and local governments offer tax incentives in the form of tax credits or lower interest loans for preserving and restoring historic structures. These include the Federal Historic Preservation Tax as well as state incentives and grants.


Return on Investment  

Property values in historic districts typically increase more than the rest of the market.  


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