Why You Should List Your Home Now & Sell Over the Holidays in 2017

Real Estate Agent with Munguia Group (Keller Williams Dallas Metro North)

WARNING: Some real estate agents may not want you to read this! Many of the "part time" agents like to take this time off. They don't tell their sellers the truth about selling during these 2 months because they aren't thinking about what is best for the client, they are thinking about the fact that they prefer not to work! Below you will find professional advice about what is best for YOU!


Have you made the decision to sell your house? And, now the question is should I put it on the market now, or wait until after the holidays? Here are several reasons why you should consider taking action now and contact us to help sell your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


One thing you can count on is that it is the serious buyers who are out looking for a home during this time. Most November to December home shoppers need a home NOW, meaning they are motivated buyers! If you are going to keep your home clean and rush out at a moment's notice, doesn't fewer showings with more motivated buyers sound good?


We've had relatively low inventory lately anyway, and during the holidays the competition is even lower, as many people will choose not to show their home over the holidays. Your home will stand out better with less to choose from, making the odds of selling your home actually go UP during this time of year. 


While we've been in a seller's market, there may be even better negotiating power for you, the seller, this season. People shopping for a home during the holidays are anxious to get the task accomplished, and to know where they are taking their family. As we all are, they are also more emotional during this time. They don't want to be taken advantage of, but they may have less patience for lengthly negotiations. Just wanting to get the deal done could mean more money in the pockets of sellers.


Sell Your Home Now!Your home will show beautifully, with little extra effort on your part. The smell of pine or baking, the warmth of holiday decorations, etc. These all create an inviting showing atmosphere. Be careful to not overdo your decor, so that the buyers can still move freely and easily about your home. The homey feel created by the holiday season can be a propellant to buy!


Curb appeal is also easier to upkeep. A great potted plant on your front porch, and a wonderful wreath that shows off your entry...these are low maintenance and high impact items! There is also less weeding and lawn maintenance now, than is required during the spring and summer.


Continued low interest rates, and the approach of the end of the financial year may also work in your favor. Some people are driven by tax strategies or personal goals to go under contract or make a large purchase before year end.


You know what else? It's also very possible to go under contract now, and delay closing until after the holidays. This timing suits many buyers, so don't be discouraged by thinking about moving over the holidays.


As you are probably well aware, we have many corporate relocations still occurring in North Texas. And, January is a big transfer month, so buyers will likely use their holiday time to shop for their new home. Corporately relocating buyers are usually motivated, consistent to a timeline, and backed by corporate benefits to assure the closing occurs smoothly.


This time of year, there may be less hassle in closing, as the wait time for inspectors and appraisers is less, since there are fewer real estate transactions occurring during the holiday season. Also, decreased demand for movers, remodelers, decorators, appliance installers, and other services make them more available, and may allow for discounted pricing on those services.


Fewer home sales and fewer refinance transactions may translate into less demand for mortgage money as well. Motivated lenders can mean cash in your pocket!


Sell Your Home NowThe ever-increasing use of internet searches has added a significant off-season dimension to real estate sales. With more time at home, the number of "hits" per listing increases over the holidays. Fewer listings plus more hits equals better exposure for your home. Get seen and get sold!


Selling now allows you to become a non-contingent buyer in the spring, when you will have many choices as a buyer yourself! You may increase your own negotiating power as both the seller, and then as the buyer!


Finally, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, prices are up approximately 8% over the same time last year, with approximately 5% more closed units. That means more homes are selling, and they are selling at a higher price. It is a great time to sell!


Find out, free and easy, what your home is worth now, and contact us to schedule a personalized consultation!