Advantages and disadvantages of Custom Closets

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 For most fashionistas, getting dressed every morning should feel a little more like shopping on Madison Avenue than just plain dressing up. And a custom closet can make these dreams come true – it does, however, come at an expense! 

If you are considering creating a custom closet and looking for closets in Edmonton, here are some pros and cons that you need to factor into your plans.

• Custom Made

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of a custom-designed closet. It does not matter if you have an unusually large collection of hoodies, or you just love to have a ton of shoes or whatever your fashion fetish is, a custom closet is custom-made for just you!

The designers would use the perfect rail heights; shelve depths and storage space enough to fit all your favorite items.

• Space Efficiency

The difference between a randomly manufactured closet and one custom made to your specifications is that while the manufactured closet would feature spaces that would satisfy the general needs for space, a good closet designer would help you create storage spaces that satisfy every space need you might have. Crannies and nooks you never thought could be functional would become useful and efficient.

If you happen to be one of those who are tight on storage space for your fashion gears then a custom closet might just be worth considering.

• Value

A custom-made closet would add more value to your home – especially if you have plans to move in the near future. Most buyers would examine the bathroom, kitchen, lighting, and flooring – then they would look out for smaller upgrades such as luxe master suites or a custom closet. With a custom closet, your home comes off as more sophisticated than it might really be.

• Custom made for now

Except you have a good closet designer who would factor in the probability that your style would change over time and thus create a closet with room for improvement, you might find that in a few years, your custom made closet would not match your fashion needs.

While this might be your year of scarves, what happens when hats are in vogue?

A good closet designer can build you a closet that is quite flexible but it still doesn’t take away the fact that you might need to spend some modification cash in future.

• Clutter much?

It’s probably human nature that when we find so much storage space at our disposal, our first instinct is to fill it – to the brim.

Say hello to clutter!

When you’re short on storage spaces, you have no choice but to declutter to accommodate more fashion gear. If you have tons of space options – you might find yourself keeping clothes you used in the 90’s.

• Can be expensive


While there are quite a handful of low-cost custom closet options, the expense that comes with custom closets is perhaps why people are afraid to install them.

For a part of your home that you wouldn’t be spending so much time in, custom closets can take up a lot of your disposable income.

Final thoughts

Deciding to have a custom closet has its pros as well as its cons. Ultimately, when you consider what we have highlighted in this article, you should be able to make a calculated decision.

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Thanks for this great post weighing the pros and cons of custom closets.  Definitely something to think about.

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