What is a Brand Strategy in Real Estate?

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As a real estate agent, you know that you need to market yourself so your brand stands out – there are dozens (or more) other agents in your area, and you want to be the one buyers and sellers choose.

To do that, you need a specific brand strategy.

What is a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is a plan that covers your long-term goals, and it has to do with what you can accomplish as your brand evolves. It’s about more than sending out branded real estate calendars, custom sports schedules or magnetic custom notepads.

Unfortunately, it can be one of the toughest parts of your marketing plan.

You have to identify a few parts of what makes your business tick, including:

o  Your business’s purpose

o  How consistent you can – and will – be

o  What emotional impact you have on your clients

Your Business’s Purpose and Promise

When you see a brand name or logo, you’re seeing a promise. You know that when you twist the cap off a bottle of Coca-Cola, you’re getting a carbonated, sweet, caffeinated drink. You know that when you walk into your favorite store in the mall, they’ll be playing the music you’re comfortable with, there will be salespeople who are either hands-off or drawn directly to you (whichever you’ve come to expect), and products that fall in line with your expectations.

Take IKEA, for example. Their brand promise isn’t to sell furniture, although they’re good at it. Their brand promise is to “create a better everyday life.”

You want people to have expectations of your brand, too, because your brand is your promise. You want them to know that you’re reliable, dependable, and always answer your phone; you want them to know that they can count on you to help them find a home or sell one at the best possible price.

Having a brand promise is about more than making money by selling houses. It’s what will make you stand out from other agents who are trying to get the same clients you’re trying to get.

How Consistent You Can – and Will – Be

As you build up client expectations, you need to be consistent. Everything you do has to tie back into your brand promise. Your messaging has to be cohesive and easy to understand.

What that means is that your business Facebook page or Twitter feed isn’t a free-for-all. Neither are your advertising efforts. You have to stick to your message, no matter where you’re promoting your business… and no matter when.

As an agent, it’s okay to show that you’re a human (and that you have a great sense of humor) by sharing funny memes, jokes, and beautiful pictures – as long as they’re related to real estate. (Like the one below.)

What Emotional Impact You Have on Your Clients

Most of the decisions we make are based on emotion, not rationality or logic. The same is true of your real estate clients.

Think about someone who will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a big-name-brand car when there are cars that are better on gas, more reliable, and just as attractive. Why do people do that? Because there’s something tugging on that person’s emotions saying, “Buy this car. Don’t buy the cheaper one.”

A lot of that boils down to psychology.

As a real estate agent, it’s your job to make your clients feel like they’re part of a bigger group – a big, tightly knit group where they really belong. We’re all wired to want relationships, and we seek connections wherever we can. That means you need to connect emotionally with your clients. You can give them exactly what they want – the right house – so they’ll feel good, and you were part of it. For real estate agents, this is a little easier than it is for those in other professions; that’s because buying or selling a house is generally an emotional experience to begin with.

What’s Your Brand Strategy?

How do you implement all these techniques to make sure you have a solid brand strategy? We’d love to hear what you’re up to, so please share your thoughts here or on the Real Estate Calendars Facebook page!


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