What was most significant about the real estate marketplace in 2017?

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This has been a challenging year!
Mentally, I feel as though 2017 has been a very tough year, at times I have felt just beat'n up a bit. Nothing bad, no problems, surely it will show as another award winning year. Just really felt the need to stay tighter than ever on my responsibilities for each clients wants or needs.
I will reflect on a few topics. Surely I feel were significant. Some of the most talked about were:
1) Trump taking the office of President. His almost daily personal attacks on anyone and everyone at home and throughout the world. For so many reasons, this president has many people more than stressed, and are very concerned about their own safety, and future as they now know it here at home in the US. 
2) Multiple escrows! Two - three families homes being all tied together with Contingencies, was very much the norm this year.  The available home Inventory for sale continues to shrink, while home prices continue to climb. 
3) What i feel is the most significant is the positive attitude of my clients.  They are embracing these pressures head on. Sticking to their goals!  Its just remarkable..  
(a) Like the couple who wanted a Vacation Rental for years. I found them a beautiful dated beach home which they completely remodeled. To then have SC City did a complete 360, after giving them a permit and TOT transfer ok. This turned out to be the first home in 2017 to put the newly, still in review, vacation program to the test. Wow! Stressful.. It all worked out.
(b) Like the family of tenafter looking for a new home for almost a year and kept getting beat'n out of offers because they needed to sell their home first. Had me just List and get their current home into escrow, as they were willing to live in their travel trailers if need be ,and actually did for two weeks!! Waiting for their new home to close escrow.
(c)  Lastly and surely meaningful to me, is my son and daughter-n-law, after 6 offers on 1-2 bedroom old beater homes got into, and are closing escrow on their first home within days of me writing this. The hoops those kids had to go through, and the work that lies ahead for them to make this house their home was / is unbelievable.  I am so proud of them both!!


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