Rug Stain Removal

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Rug cleaning professionals love rugs as much as the clients they serve. For that reason, they provide a service that maintains the quality of a rug. No matter what type of rug you have, a professional rug cleaner will remove all spots and clean your rugs so that they look good as new.

Qualified technicians use advanced techniques to accomplish the results. The treatment program used is done in a state-of-the-art facility with a modern drying room that is humidity controlled. Both of these features aid in the deep level of cleaning required. Expert hand washing and organic rug care are provided.

The Cleaning System

The latest equipment and most efficient processes are used in a highly modernized cleaning unit. Rugs are inspected, stains identified, and the appropriate cleaning method is chosen. Heavily soiled areas are treated first to remove deep stains.

The rugs are then thoroughly washed so that all dust is removed and stains are not left behind. The finished product is clean and spotless. Not even small blemishes are noticeable. Moth treatments and deodorizing are offered when necessary. By doing so, color fading that mars the rug's appearance is avoided.

Drying Room

Rugs are perfectly dried in the shortest time in a controlled drying room. Huge heat furnaces maintain a very high temperature in the area. The room has thousands of holes and large fans that continuously circulate the air.

In only a few hours, the rug is completely dry. The quick drying process ensures a rug does not suffer from warping or faded color.

Treating Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are a great addition to any décor. They provide an exotic touch and sophistication to the overall feel of a home. Placing an Oriental rug in an area changes the ambiance and transforms the feeling of a room completely.

At one time, Oriental rugs were available only as imports from Asia, Iran, and Turkey. The increased popularity has triggered an abundant supply in the U.S. The decision to purchase an Oriental rug should be accompanied by a commitment to keep the exclusive rug clean. Neglecting the responsibility will cause a rug to wear out quicker than imagined.

Choosing an Oriental Rug

It requires some know-how and dedication to choosing an Oriental rug. Consider the size and color needed to match the décor of the home. Also, consider the country of origin and the condition and quality of the rug. Cleaning professionals will ask about these aspects.

The Process of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

The technicians never use harmful chemicals or soap on Oriental rugs. The experts know and understand these rugs are colored with vegetable and other natural dyes that have the potential for discoloration. Soap may remain in the rug unless removed by force which, like harsh chemicals, can cause discoloration.

Professionals receive specific training regarding cleaning Oriental rugs. They use the perfect cleaning solution for a soft, efficient cleaning process. The process leaves the rug clean, dried out, and free of any dirt or residue. Due to the attention and effort, it is recommended to have Oriental rugs cleaned annually.

Professional services include:

  • Oil and wine stain removal
  • Eliminating pet odor
  • Restoring color
  • Rug binding
  • Repair wear-and-tear
  • Original rug restoration
  • Unique fiber vegetable dyeing process
  • Canvas replacement, stitching, and backhand
  • Quality padding
  • Wool and silk rug fiber softness and grooming



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