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Did you know that there are only two states remaining in the union that do not adopt, and enforce on some level, a one and two family dwelling building code?  Yes, that's right, Tennessee and Mississippi.  I'm all for independence and freedom and I understand from the start that when the government gets involved with anything there will be both good and bad results.  There are areas though, where I believe the good will definetly outwiegh the bad and this is one of them.

Do you know what two states rated highest in deaths per capita in residential household fires in 2007?  Yes again, Mississippi #1 and Tennessee #2.  And if you do a little research you will find that these two states are consistantly at the top of the list. (Top not being good in this case)

As a home inspector it is my responcibility to point out to my clients various safety defects that turn-up in a home.  And it is alarming to me the number of homes in TN that have been built with little regard for occupant safety.  I inspect homes on a very regular basis that have basement "bedrooms" with no windows at all or windows that are too far above the floor to access as a secondary egress.  Log or rustic homes with lofts and/or balcony rooms are just as bad.  No windows for egress from the top floor.  It is not just basements and lofts though, I have been in scores or homes where regular bedrooms did not have a single window that qualified for a secodary egress.  This is normally due to the window being too small or too high above the floor.

There are also many issues with wood burning devices that have inadequate clearances to combustible materials.  Gas appliances and heaters with no shut off valves installed etc. etc.

I don't want to make the post too long so I'm just going to introduce the subject and not get to detailed.  I would like to know what the real estate community thinks about this situation.  Are you comfortable selling homes that could be a death trap?  Are you recommending home inspections to your clients, and are the home inspectors that you are recommending qualified and experianced enough to note these deficiancies?  When will the time be right for the real estate community as a whole to bring pressure to bear on our state legislators to correct this situation?  

Speak out and lets have a productive conversation.  I would like to know what you think.

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