Be Happy - Be Grateful

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Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  Why, you might ask?  Growing up it was always a time to spend time with family.  My favorite childhood memories of Thanksgiving are watching the parade, helping in the kitchen and watching the clock until everyone would arrive.  Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is all inclusive.  Everyone should celebrate.  It doesn't matter what your position is on religion or politics.  Today, we need to put our differences aside and celebrate as a nation.

For some, today is going to be more difficult.  At times life can be cruel, it can throw us a curve ball we may or not be prepared to handle.  The loss of a job, suffering with injuries or illness, or worse yet the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one,  Noone will survive life without something happening.  It is the strength of our character and the support of family and friends that gets us through.  This is the day to celebrate that and acknowledge the courage of those that settled our great nation.

For me now, Thanksgiving is a little more emotional.  You see, November 23, 2096 was Thanksgiving Day.  It was also the day that my granddad passed away.  He had a bigger than life personality, was my biggest fan, a great story teller, and loved a great joke.  So many times I have been told, "you are so funny".  All of that comes from being around him. There was a time when I didn't know how I would make it through without my fan but with the support of some great friends, I did.  Today, I have cried a little, but only because as I write this, the memories come flooding back.

So here is my tribute (joke) to him. 

"You know, Tom was never of fan of a turkey dinner, he would have rather had a hamburger or steak.  Well today he finally found a way to get of the turkey dinner."  I know he is smiling and laughing with me. 

Today, I will be joinging friends for dinner.  I am happy and I am grateful.  I wish both for you too!

Be Happy - Be Grateful!




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John Pusa
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Kathy Sheehan Thank you! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving too.

Nov 23, 2017 02:36 PM