How to Attract More Buyers to Your Jacksonville Historic Home for Sale

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When it comes to selling homes, the first impression always counts.


The overall appearance of your home can either attract more buyers or drive them away. The same is true when it comes to dealing with a historic or period home.


However, you have to keep in mind that most Jacksonville historic homes for sale appeal to a specific kind of buyer who is looking for character and architectural details.


Here are a few tips that would make it easier for you to get the attention of buyers looking for historic properties:


Make the necessary preparations


Just like with any other property, presentation is everything. Before showing your home to buyers looking for historic homes for sale in Jacksonville, carefully inspect the property and look for issues that might become red flags.


Some of the things that you should check include electrical wirings, plumbing, HVAC, roof, well and septic, structural support, and exterior paint.


Address these issues and any necessary repairs beforehand. Focus on the right list of fixes and avoid spending money on items that will not improve the saleability of your home. To be sure, check available Cost/Value Indices before embarking on major renovations.


Know your home’s backstory


Jacksonville has some of the most interesting and unique historical architecture in the southeast. Historic homes in  the area have a unique story to tell. They have a legacy, famous past owners, personality, and charm.


Jacksonville historic properties for sale- Discover the things that you can do to attract buyers looking for Jacksonville historic homes for sale.


Highlight the thing that separates your historic home from the rest — the story of the home. Doing so will help attract the attention of knowledgeable investors and historians who appreciate the historical value of your home.


Just keep in mind that these types of buyers will come armed with questions so make sure you know the story behind your historic home.


When was it built? What are the original features? Did anyone famous live there? Have any renovations or alterations been carried out?



Establish a Proper Pricing Strategy


You need to understand the special nature of your Jacksonville historic home for sale and its desirability in the marketplace.


You’re better off getting the price right the first time around. An overpriced home, even a historic one, could scare away buyers, thinking that they’re dealing with an unreasonable seller.


To avoid this, work with a real estate agent in your market who understands the home you are selling.


That would be me, Janie Coffey. I am a 15th generation First Coaster and my family has lived in St. Augustine since 1574. I know historic homes inside out.


I will help you find the right comparable sales for your property to ensure the best opportunity to get it sold. It’s not enough to just make the historic home aesthetically pleasing; it’s also crucial to market it properly to draw in the right buyer.


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