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What Are the Benefits of Working with a Top Historic Homes Specialist in Jacksonville FL

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Selling a historical home is not like selling a regular home.


You are dealing with a property that has a unique historical aspect and value. Although any real estate agent can aid the sale of a historic home or a property in a historic district, there are a few that specialize in that market.


Jacksonville is considered as one of the premiere historic areas in the country. If you’re planning to sell your historic property, you need the help of a top historic homes specialist who is an expert on architectural history and architectural styles.


Here are some of the benefits of working with a historic homes specialist:




While it is true that you can sell a property without professional assistance, historic homes specialists bring with them years of expertise and experience to help you get the best possible deal. They have access to and knowledge about comparable properties and local neighborhoods. However, the comparable sales and listings will not always be in the closest geographical areas.

Historic homes offer a range of unique architectural aspects and rich history from a given time period. Some historic properties may have been the home of famous people.


Historic homes specialists understand old homes and have specialized knowledge of architectural styles. They know local, state, and national laws and regulations governing historic properties and historic districts. They can properly disclose information on available tax credits and restrictions on ownership.


You need the service of a professional who will research your home’s history and then turn its history into one of the home’s main selling points.


Determining the Value of Historic Homes


It can be quite challenging to determine the value of a historic property. It is often difficult to find comparable sales because each property is unique. In addition, historic homes often have an inherent value to their buyers that isn't reflected in comps. A historic property is inherently worth more than a new house in the same square footage.


Pricing Historic Homes


Pricing historic properties also requires the expertise of a specialist who appreciates and understands this type of home. Pricing a historic home for sale is quite different than pricing an ordinary home.


A historic home specialist understands the significance of these properties and is aware of the aspects necessary to price historic homes correctly.


Each property’s architectural details, unique characteristics, and historic backgrounds are considered to arrive at a market price.


Marketing Historic Homes


A historic homes specialist will be able to speak the “language” of historic properties in order to attract the correct buyers. They understand the architectural details of a home, the style based on age, integration of updates, significance and use of outbuildings.


They can also widely publicize the historic home. Broadening the market can attract history buffs from across the country.


Are you ready to sell your historic home? Let’s get started!


As your top historic homes specialist in Jacksonville, I will be guiding and helping you throughout the entire process. I have years of experience listing and selling historic homes in Jacksonville FL. My team and I are dedicated to delivering a smooth and timely real estate transaction.


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