SEO Frequently Asked Questions By Real Estate Agents: Answered

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If you are a 4rd Marketing podcast listener, you know we just wrapped up an SEO Series.  Before we cover the most frequently asked questions from real estate agents about SEO, I thought you might like to see a quick recap.

Here are the topics in case you want to reference this for your SEO future.

  1. SEO Fundamentals – Site Architecture & Structure
  2. SEO 101 Part 1 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  3. SEO 102 Part 2 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  4. How to Build Backlinks For SEO – 9 Effective Link Building Strategies
  5. 3 FREE Keys To Keyword Research For SEO
  6. SEO FAQs


A very common SEO FAQ, if you were to search the internet. The best way to answer this question is to look at how I approach search engine optimization for a website.

First, I’m going to look at the site structure, then I’m going to ask “is it covering the topics we need to generate leads?” I also look at the competition in that same space. It’s not just sort of putting keywords on a page but also understanding the overall strategy of a website.

Once I’ve gotten the strategy down then we do some sort of basic SEO’s stuff. We run an audit on it. We look for things that are poorly structured or broken.  We look a lot at the technical on-page SEO things as well as structure related things.

From there we begin to look at individual pages starting with what is working already. We look at title tags and meta descriptions so that we can help increase the clickthrough rate. The key is that the approach to SEO is more than just one aspect, it’s an overall strategy.

SEO Rank


It works because of how Google does what it does. Google is crawling pages and looking for things. Google smart enough to read the words around the link understands that there’s a context to this to this page into this content. So it understands to some extent the topic of the content and then it also has the queries which people are typing in. It matches those two together. That’s how SEO Works. Basically, you create a page that Google likes to see and people like to read.

In other words, create content that answers people's questions and google will rank you. 


This is a very common SEO FAQ, Local SEO is referring to the map search. If you have a physical location this is where you can really get a low hanging fruit that’s available through the map search. The map search is basically “Keyword + Area”. For example, “real estate agents in Atlanta” or “plumbers near me.” Some people call it map based search. Some people call it Google my business because that’s actually where you put your business there.

Here's a quick, Local SEO Guide.


Basically, when you register your business with Google it registers your name, your address, and your phone number, as well as your Web site. Once you’ve registered that at Google my business it becomes basically like a link or call it a citation or you can call it a NAP. In order to rank for that, it has a bunch of different factors just like a piece of content a page of content has a bunch of different factors that page needs to have.

For it to rank on the map you need to have a citation which you can get by going to directories. You also want to get reviews. Google is probably the most important because it’s where most people search that’s where they search first (and it’s where they see the map). After reviews, it’s all about the extra stuff like your content such as photos.

The last thing is to make sure your landing page or your website that you’re using in your citation matches up with your keyword. For example, if you were using “real estate agent in Edina MN” then you’d want to make sure your page was about  Edina real estate.

SEO Gets Leads for Real Estate AgentsHOW LONG DOES SEO TAKE?

I think there’s an excellent question (another common SEO FAQ). The reality of the answer is likely closer to 3 to 6 months. That’s not to say you couldn’t see results sooner. I have one client that is seeing amazing results in 30 days. That is not typical. I’ve got another client and we’re going on for six months and she’s not saying anything yet. We see traffic we see rankings but we don’t see leads yet. It’s a constant process to diagnose.

There are so many factors that can go into how long it could take. I think if you hired a professional you’re probably looking at anywhere that three to six-month range. I think if you spend a lot of money you probably could speed that up just because the level of content that you’d get the number of links that you’d get are going to be faster. If you were doing it on your own, I’d say nine to 12 months. In fact some of the professional bloggers out there you know definitely two to three years before they started to see any sort of real income coming from their efforts. 


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