Increasing the ventilation in the basement to reduce Radon.

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Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas in soil that can make its way to the surface. The gas can enter homes through cracks in walls and foundations or through gaps around pipes and cables. Radon levels are often higher in crawl spaces and basements closest to where the gas entered the home. These areas often also have poorer ventilation.

When radon gas is released from the ground into the air outside, it does not stay concentrated and is not a health concern. However, if radon gas is trapped and accumulates in an enclosed space, it can become a potential health risk.


There are a number of options to reduce radon levels in a home, for example:

- Increasing the ventilation in the basement.

- Sealing the foundation.

- Depressurizing the soil beneath the home by installing a pipe through the foundation floor slab and attaching a fan that always runs to draw the radon gas from below the home and release it into the outdoors where it is quickly diluted.


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