11280 6th Avenue Gulf Marathon Florida 33050 Home Inspection Report

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Is this a GEM? you decide. I stumbled across this " Bank Owned " property doing searches for a client and when contacting the institution they told me that they wanted 2.6 Million for it (Firm). Understanding current market conditions " Pre and Post Hurricane Irma HELLO " I decided that a little digging was necessary. Here is the quick and dirty on only some of what I found out in 3 days and one inspection report. Cut and paste link for complete details.

1. Monroe County only reconizes this property as a 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom and the City of Marathon has no record of any permits being pulled. A big problem if your investors looking for a vacation rental and the City says you can't ulitize those extra bedrooms for rental income. Inaddation when it was last rented through the City it was only rented as a 3 Bedroom 3 Bath, I was told???

2. MLS #567040 right around the corner, an amazing property, and totally re-done, sold in March of 2016 for 2.6 Million, worth looking up when compairing price, age, and condition and location.

3. When speaking to individuals caring for the property after hurricane Irma, there was further extensive damage to the property etc. that no one really wanted to talk about?

11280 6th Avenue Gulf

Deal or Dud ?



Joan Cox
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Guy, looks like some digging is required, and sure sounds like some disclosure is required.  Best of luck.

Dec 06, 2017 06:04 PM
Guy Moreau

HI Joan, ya that's what we do right :) Happy New Year!

Jan 16, 2018 05:26 PM
Guy Moreau
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Thanks for your input Joan but as you know the Banks these days refuse to provide us all with any type of disclosure even if they do have prior knowledge due to their new policies. Have a Merry Christmas an Safe New Years!

Dec 07, 2017 07:35 AM
Brian Schmitt

Guy, This is a GEM. The other house you quote in your blog (MLS # 567040) was my listing as well as is this property so I know them both well and would certainly say that while the two properties are different they are both very unique properties. There are no issues with this home or any of its improvements all of which are legally permitted and built. The property suffered virtually no damage as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Jan 16, 2018 11:50 AM
Guy Moreau

Brian, I will agree that this is a unique property as well as the other, but if you are looking to purchase this property for yourself, or sell it also, I would highly recommend that you take a little time an do your research, as I have. For starters, I have contacted the City on behalf of an investor, and they have have advised me differently, so worth a call, just trying to help ya out.

My personal inspection of the property and speaking with the individuals caretaking the property, also had a very different report to share on the damage that was done during Irma, in addition to the detailed inspection report that was done by a Certified GC/ State Qualified Inspector just previous to Irma.
So just taking a little time to do some research would be well worth your while time, or any of your client's time also, in my opinion, that's all I am saying. My experience in the past has shown me time again that when any individual or party does not want to disclose martial known facts about something, there is always a reason why, and the first thing that has always come to my mind is, "they don't want to be held responsible" I think that would be a fair statement in anyone's eye's wouldn't you, as I know you have seen allot more then I have over the years.
I do agree that the other property on the next point over, right around the corner, is a very nice property, Completed updated throughout with amazing un-obstructed, almost panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. I believe that you sold that property at a fair price, so cu-do's for a job well done as I am sure your buyer's were happy.

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