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This is inside info from Andrew Chang - Google Docs Marketing Manager that I thought I'd share with the community.  For those of you who don't know what Google Docs are.  They are Google answer to having Microsoft Office Suite of software online without having to pay for it.


Have you ever wanted to poll your website visitors on their interests or ask them for feedback on your site content? Now, using a Google Docs spreadsheet, you can create a simple form, collect responses from your visitors in an online spreadsheet, and publish the results on your
website -- in a few easy steps.

Google DocsAll of the data will be kept in your secure, password-protected spreadsheet. Here's how it works:

Create a new spreadsheet, build your survey form, and invite users to fill out the

You can send out an email to people you'd like to fill out the survey (maybe to a mailing list you have), or generate some HTML code that allows you to embed the survey directly on your web page.

Your visitors won't need to sign in to Google Docs to fill out the form.

Responses are automatically added to your spreadsheet, and you can receive notifications by email when submissions occur.

You can even keep a closer eye on responses by adding the Google Docs forms gadget to your iGoogle homepage.

Finally, in your spreadsheet, you can create graphs and charts showing the results, and then publish those charts back on your site as gadgets.

As the responses trickle in, the published charts will update automatically. Check out the Google Docs Help Center for more detailed instructions on how to create your own
live survey.

I hope you'll be better able to get feedback from visitors to your site using this tool.

In preparing this posting, I found this blog in the Activerain archives: A Love Letter to Google Docs & Spreadsheets

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