Must Know! Kitchen Upgrades Which Don't Pay Off

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Planning to improve your kitchen?


An impressive kitchen is among the must-have features for many buyers. The kitchen is the heart of the home and is one of the favorite gathering places for family and friends.


If you are looking to sell your Mayfield Heights home soon or sometime in the future, you’ve probably considered kitchen renovations. Not only will it boost your home’s resale value, it also makes your home highly appealing to buyers so it will sell fast.


Or so you thought.


Not all kitchen improvements are equal and can increase your home’s ROI. In fact, some upgrades can hurt your home’s value.

Mayfield Village OH Homes for Sale - Identify kitchen improvements to avoid when you want to get a good resale value for your Mayfield Heights OH home for sale.

Kitchen upgrades to avoid


Here are five kitchen improvements you should never include on your upgrade list.


  1. Major kitchen renovation. Unless your kitchen is severely outdated and all the appliances are broken, there is no reason to turn it all upside down and replace everything. You don’t need a major renovation. Some simple upgrades will do.

A major improvement will set you back at $62,158. It’s ROI? 65.3% according to On the other hand, a minor kitchen facelift will cost you $20,830. It’s return is 80.2%.


A kitchen facelift has a higher return that a complete makeover.


  1. All high-end appliances. You’ve probably seen Flip or Flop episodes where old appliances are thrown out and replaced with expensive, high-end ones. Don’t think you need to do the same for your kitchen.


If yours are still working fine and are just a few years old, keep it. Appliances have life expectancies. The dishwasher last for nine years, the refrigerator for 13 years, the microwave oven for nine years, etc.


If you are to replace appliances, choose energy efficient ones. Buyers love them because they can lower energy cost in the long run.


  1. Inconvenient islands. A kitchen island is great because it offers much potential for efficiency, function, and storage. It adds countertop space. It is also a beautiful place to entertain friends. And it boosts a home’s value.


But if the island crowds the the workspace and hinders rather than improves the flow of movement, you don’t need to install one. Opt for a breakfast bar instead.



  1. Marble countertops. Marble is fashionable and beautiful, but you don’t necessarily need one for your kitchen’s counter.


For one, it is high maintenance. Spills of wine and other colored liquids can quickly seep through the rock. It is also prone to scratches.


If you hate seeing stains and scratches on your counter, marble is not a good choice. It is also expensive. A high-end marble countertop may raise your home’s value several thousands above the average listing price in your neighborhood, which will definitely affect the home’s selling price and stay on the market.


  1. Fun and quirky kitchen style. While your quirky kitchen reflects your fun personality, it may not necessarily be suited to the taste and style of the buyer. If you are to give your kitchen a facelift, choose to go for a classic and timeless appeal. Think of kitchen showrooms you see on television.

When you are improving your kitchen for resale, remember that your improvement cost should only be within a specific range. If the price of your Mayfield Heights home for sale increases, you’ll lose potential buyers.


Keep in mind that the kitchen should be done to suit the buyer’s taste and not your preference.


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