How to Secure a Successful Sale for Your St. Augustine FL Historic Home

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Do you own a historic home in St. Augustine FL?

Are you thinking about selling it? A seller has usually two things in mind when selling a historic home. First is getting a good price, especially if there have been investments in the upkeep and conservation of the property. The second one is making sure the home will be purchased by someone who appreciates its historical value.


You also have to keep in mind that there are four factors that often influence a buyer’s decision to purchase - location, condition, price, and historical significance. If these factors are properly aligned, especially in the current market, your historic home will most likely sell.


If you follow these steps you can sell your property quickly while fetching a top price:

Look at your home objectively

Before putting your St. Augustine historic home on the market,  you need to establish a realistic expectation about the current state of your property. Have essential repairs been made to the structure? What is the condition of the roof and frame of the house? Is the electrical circuit up to today’s standards?


It's also important for sellers to keep their historic properties in excellent condition. However, sellers have to be extra careful because they might ruin their home’s value by doing renovations that destroy its unique and historic features.

Be ready with all the answers

Make sure you have answers to the questions potential buyers might ask. When was the home built? Have any famous or remarkable people lived there? Have there been any renovations? Are there any specialists you’d recommend for work in the future?


You may have to do some research to get these and any other facts from your local historical society. You need to gather information from deeds, permits, tax incentives, loans and grants, its history, architects, styles, flaws, quirks, original fixtures, your contractors and inspectors, where it is registered, and how much you’ve spent on renovations.


You also need to provide buyers looking for historic homes for sale in St. Augustine FL with information on the tax incentives and grants you received and inform them if the home is on the National Registry.


Partner with an experienced historic homes specialist

Are you wondering which real estate agent is best qualified to successfully sell your unique home? Who can you trust with this huge responsibility?


Let me put my skill to work for you!


I am Janie Coffey, your top real estate agent in St. Augustine FL. I have extensive knowledge about historic homes. Our family traces our ancestry for 16 generations to the First Coasters arriving in Saint Augustine in 1574 from Minorca through to present day.


I know that more buyers these days are looking for character that can be found in the home’s history and original features. Historic homes are a niche market with a particular buyer.


My team and I can offer you expert advice on selling your historic home. We take pride in offering a personal level of service and we are committed to delivering the very best results to our clients.


You can visit my website to find out more about how we can help you.


Call me today at 904-525-1008! With the right approach and the right team of people, you can sell your historic home to a buyer who will love and care for it as much as you have.



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