🏡How to Prepare Your Riverfront Home in Pittsburgh for the Market

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Getting your riverfront home ready for the market can be a difficult process. How do you begin? Here are some of the most important things to consider:


Curb appeal matters


The term “curb appeal” still applies to riverfront homes.


An attractive curb appeal of your riverfront home will significantly make your home ready for the market. Home buyers start to make up their mind as soon as they see your home from the outside.


The landscape, the driveway, and the walkway leading to the front door of your house will significantly impact their impression.

Do the necessary repainting, landscaping and other front details. Invest in some plants. Show off with some dramatic outdoor lighting. You home’s curb appeal can add thousands of value to your riverfront home for sale in Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh Riverfront Homes for Sale - Learn how you can prepare your riverfront home for the market.



Make your house look bigger by getting rid of clutter. Professional stagers usually do some drastic changes by purging almost half of the furnishings of the homeowners.


Too many pieces of furniture can make the house seem small and cluttered. Opt for a minimalist style. Home buyers will be able to mentally picture the things they want to add if they buy your house.




Remove items that display your personal taste from your home. This will help potential buyers imagine themselves moving in. Put away photos, trophies, collections, certificates, awards, and artworks. Purge your home of the things that make it look yours.  


Artwork and accessories will enhance the design of your home and enliven the space. However, choose decor that is neutral and generally appealing.


Remember, you are selling your house,  not your personal stuff.


Clean up


This is the cheapest way to prepare your home for the market. You don’t want buyers to have that negative impression as they enter your home.


Freshen up your garbage disposal. Eliminate the odor. Clean the gutters. Remove away any unfinished projects.


With just cleaning, you will bring out your home’s greatest potential for sale.




This is another important part of the staging process. Your aim is to rearrange the furniture in a way that creates comfort and a relaxing feel. Imagine yourself as the buyer and take note of the things you would like to see in a home you are looking to buy.


Rearrange the furniture to make it appear bigger and more spacious. Push them against the walls. Reposition couches into conversational seating arrangements.



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Make repairs


Make sure your home is in its best shape as possible. Home buyers make a mental list of home inspection repairs as they tour around your home. Even the littlest of details will create a big impression. Some repairs are quick and easy to fix.


Another trick is to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Lighter and neutral colors will create the illusion of more space. Soft colors for the ceiling will make it look spacious, too.


Prepare the paperwork.


This is a crucial part of your home selling process. Buyers will be asking you loads of questions about the papers.Get ready with the utility bills, tax records, mortgage and financing documents, manuals and warranty information of appliances that are part of the sale. You should also prepare the receipts and documents for the renovations you made.


If you have completed what needs to be done in preparing your riverfront home in Pittsburgh, get ready for the home to be shown. An experienced realtor will help you with this daunting task.


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