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Grab the chance to visit the game changers of real estate properties in South Colonie!


The neighborhood in South Colonie, NY is everything a buyer could want in a new place! There are approximately 60 houses that are actively listed for sale and some of these are likely to sell quickly.


You may wonder, how can you make your house sell fast in South Colonie like most of these homes? I’ve come up with several steps that have proven to work wonders!

South Colonie Homes for Sale - We give you our redefined process of selling your home in the fastest time possible.

Make your listing fly off the shelf!


  • Never underestimate the effect of good photos. This is will definitely increase the chances that potential buyers will fall in love with your property. Captivate them with your listing photographs. They will serve as their deciding factor whether the buyer would like to schedule a visit or not.

  • Price your home correctly. Begin by asking what is the competition of your home? How does it compare to the other properties in your community? I can teach you the art of determining the accurate price of your home.


A few agents will say lowering your asking price will more likely boost your property to show up in price-filtered search results. Eventually, this will show distinction among the similar comparables  in your area.


  • Ask the help of your REALTORⓇ to share your listing page.  You can do the marketing together with me. We can share it on social media and pages where we can get more pageviews.

  • Be available. I encourage you to incorporate the viewing schedule and dates on your listing page. Be generous and be available several times a week. Build a relationship of trust with your buyers by ensuring they can sign up to visit your house anytime.

  • Be aware of your home’s selling point. You must know what makes your property in South Colonie outstanding. If your house is located near a school or park, then this will definitely give it value and credibility to potential buyers.

  • Know the importance of working with an expert in your area. There are numerous values in getting the expertise of a REALTORⓇ like myself. I will look out for your best financial interests and I guarantee you of being updated on laws, regulations, and practices. And I will put this knowledge to work for you.


Top Real Estate Agent in South Colonie - I can lead you to the hottest stats and trends of real estate properties in South Colonie! 

What are you waiting for? Look for the number 1 REALTORⓇ today!


You and I will aim to get impressive exposure whether your house is styled as Cape Cod, Colonial, 1.5 story, Raised Ranch, Custom, Townhouse, or Victorian in South Colonie. I’ll do everything to move your sale at the center of the real estate game.


Call me, Dawn McCurdy, at 518-785-9900 and I will help you sell your home in South Colonie. I see the whole picture of dealing with this as your most significant financial transaction, and we will make this meaningful, enjoyable, and stress-free!


I’m the kind of REALTORⓇ who will go beyond aesthetics and will tell you significant details about your home that we either need to highlight or downsize to help your house sell faster!


Talk to you soon!




In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view 🏡South Colonie Homes for Sale on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/PkI9MfesgyY?list=PLN8slO6ul6oVkDSwcbbZ6K77-FugWdUV7

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