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As a former computer programmer and database manager, I should have the nicest web page around.  But I do have some hurdles.  One is time, I don't like to take the time to mess with it, and the other major hurdle is I'm colorblind to a point where I get somewhat conflicting colors on my site.  Purple and Green, anyone?  In the past it just didn't look good to me or anyone else.

My web site is 

Recently I attended a web class,  talking about how to improve your hits to your web site and how to make your site look better.  I've heard it before... I know the drill...  but until then I just wasn't all that motivated to do anything about it.

With the hundreds, if not thousands of cool web sites out there, there's not much a person can "really" do to get their's noticed.   Some put maps, some put community information, and the list goes on and on.

For me the purpose of a web site is two-fold: one, to tell the visitor about yourself; and two, offer them information about the topic they came to the web site to find out in the first place. 

Now, my site: has some cool things on it.  Now that I've overcome my color hurdles, I just did some re-arranging of the existing information and it looks pretty good now.  Go visit it!

I make web sites for other people and businesses so I don't like to spend my time on my own page.  But I've got it down now so it's more "modular."   Being modular it's easier to maintain.  I do that for others but I just never took the time to do it for myself. 

Please go see my web site at and tell me what you think.  

Recently, I've started taking on advertising.  SO..  if you go to my site check out the sponsors.  I still have a lot to do on the site.  I've got some dead-ends, some duplicated informatoin, etc.  Doing it all myself is time-consuming and frustrating.  But, I've had millions of dollars of business from my sites.  I just think it can be better.  There's always room for improvement.

So..  Thanks for your visit here.  Now go to my website and check it out.



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Ruthman Real Estate
Accessibility & The Power to Advise - Fairfield, CT

I think it is great website.  I love the photographs and your dot com name as well.  Best wishes and continued success!  ---Rhonda

May 18, 2008 09:38 AM