Which Texas Cities have the Most Christmas Cheer this Year?

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The holiday hustle and bustle is typically defined by excessive seasonal sales, frequency in traveling, and most importantly the holiday spirit made visible by an elucid display of decorations on homes and local businesses. 

As a company who provides lawn service to thousands of homes all over the state of Texas, we get to see first hand the Christmas decorations residents put up. Some areas will have a few decorations here and there, others will have a handful of homes with the full gambit. And then there are the neighborhoods that go all out, as if the residents are in fierce competition to display the most Christmas spirit. 

This spurred our research team to ask, do some areas get more excited for Christmas than others? And if so, which Texas cities are most excited for Christmas day?


To find out which Texas city is the most excited for Christmas Day, our research team examined Google Trends data showing search activity for terms related to the topic “Christmas Day” over the past 90 days, filtered down to Texas. As you can see in the chart below, search activity for terms related to Christmas day really starts ramping up as we get deeper into holiday season. 

We segmented the Google trends data by city The Google Trends score of 100 indicates the highest interest level for a region, and the score is adjusted for population size. 

Additionally, we compared the Google Trends data from this year to the previous two years to see if there are any Texas cities tend to get excited for the holiday year after year.

Christmas Cheer in Plano

In 2017, The city of Plano earns the rank of the Texas city whose residents are most excited for Christmas Day, followed by Waxahachie, Canyon Lake, and Weatherford. Plano is a newcomer to the list, not ranking in the top 20 for the prior two years.

As it turns out 8 of this year's top 20 have made the list three years running. These perenially festive cities are: Canyon Lake, Flower Mound, Atascocita, Georgetown, Conroe, League City, Wylie and Midland. We couldn't find any commonalities to explain why these cities seem perpetually excited for this holiday; perhaps some of our readers can let us know.

Top 20 Texas Cities Most Excited for Christmas Day

Without further adieu, here are the top 20 cities in Texas that are most excited for Christmas Day of 2017.



1 - Plano

Google Trends Score: 100


2 - Waxahachie

Google Trends Score: 92

2016 Ranking: 6


3 - Canyon Lake

Google Trends Score: 89

2016 Ranking: 5

2015 Ranking: 10


4 - Weatherford

Google Trends Score: 88

2016 Ranking: 1


5 - Rockwall

Google Trends Score: 87

2016 Ranking: 2


6 - Leander

Google Trends Score: 86

2016 Ranking: 22


7 - Southlake

Google Trends Score: 84

2016 Ranking: 11


8 - Rowlett

Google Trends Score: 83

2016 Ranking: 8


9 - Flower Mound

Google Trends Score: 83

2016 Ranking: 4

2015 Ranking: 7


10 - Belton

Google Trends Score: 82


11 - Atascocita

Google Trends Score: 81

2016 Ranking: 7

2015 Ranking: 20


12 - Georgetown

Google Trends Score: 80

2016 Ranking: 20

2015 Ranking: 8


13 - New Braunfels

Google Trends Score: 80


14 - Friendswood

Google Trends Score: 80

2016 Ranking: 3


15 - Conroe

Google Trends Score: 77

2016 Ranking: 14

2015 Ranking: 1


16 - League City

Google Trends Score: 77

2016 Ranking: 9

2015 Ranking: 3


17 - Abilene

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 23

2015 Ranking: 12


18 - Wylie

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 12

2015 Ranking: 19


19 - Midland

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 16

2015 Ranking: 13


20 - Temple

Google Trends Score: 74


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