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A buyer should consult a professional before buying their new home. This is called a buyer consultation, and I’d like to explain to you why it is that I think they’re necessary.


Are you worn out from looking through a bunch of websites? Maybe you’ve already put information on those and have received a bunch of requests to work with you, and you don’t even know them.


Because you know us already, it’s important that you sit down with us for a consultation for a number of reasons.


We need to understand what your wants and needs are for your new home. If you’re looking online, chances are you might find something that looks really great—but does it fit your plan?


When we sit down for a buyer consultation in our office, we typically will go over a list of questions you might or might not have thought of in order to really dig deep with you so we can make sure that we’re setting you up for success. Some questions we might ask include:

  1. What about the schools in the area?

  2. Where do you work?

  3. What is your financial plan? How will it change in the future?

  4. What’s your walkability score?

  5. How soon do you want to have kids?

  6. Is this what I really want?


Chances are that some people want to buy a house and sell it in five years because they’re going to try to use whatever equity they gain and go buy a new home. It might also be that people don’t want to sell any of their real estate, that they’d rather rent those properties out and build financial wealth in real estate.


These are a couple reasons why a consultation is in your best interest. We don’t want to set you up for a situation that will conflict with any long-term goals you may have, or let you make decisions that you may think you want, but will ultimately devalue your house. We need to go over your plan and put you in a position that best suits your interests, more than just the floor plan or your house.


We’d love to take a minute to talk whenever you have any questions. You can reach out to us to schedule a call so we can go over some questions to assess where you are, what you want to do, and what it would take to get you there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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