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How to Buy a House with HUD

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An HUD house is a property bought with an FHA loan that has then been foreclosed. Buying a home with HUD is different from any kind of foreclosed property because these homes are exclusively sold in an online auction process called “offer period.” Interested buyers will make an online offer within this offer period. Once it ends, all offers are open and the highest bid is accept. When buying a HUD home, it is important that you can properly navigate the HUD website and find the right property to buy. Here are some tips to help you.

Hire the Right Real Estate Agent Only look for agents who are register with HUD because they are the only ones who can represent you in buying houses with HUD online. However, just because a real estate agent is registered does not mean that he is competent enough to represent you. To look for the right agent, search through the website that lists homes with HUD in your area and look for those who represented the most winning bids. Interview your top two or three picks and choose your final one from there. 

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Inspect the House Beforehand The local listing broker has access to HUD properties for bidding and they can show it to you. But you do not have to call them so you can inspect the home with your real estate agent. Because all HUD-registered agents has access to a HUD house. As you are inspecting the property, make notes and take photos of the house. So you can make yourself aware of any improvements that have done which should come in handy when you construct your offer.

Make Your Offer The process of giving an offer on a HUD house might  different from what most homeowners are used to. Offers can easily cancel without any earnest money forfeiture. When an offer has been given, it can cancel before the agent electronically opens the bid or even after by sending an email to the company that manages the property. Until the contract has signed, your money will not be in jeopardy. You are give a few days to cancel your bid after its submission. 

Close On Your HUD Home You are give 45 to 60 days to close on your house with HUD. You might qualify for FHA financing and other special deals but it helps that you prepare all your loan documentation beforehand. Create an organized file of these documents so they are ready when they are in need. You will also have to give a prequalification letter so it will accept. And this is indicating that you are qualified for the amount in the contract, financing type and other assets that has been verified for closing. After all these, you can now move in your new home. Congratulations, you are now a homeowner! If you have any more questions about the buying a house with HUD, or you need assistance in acquiring one, contact RL Real Estate at 601-212-8431 or at regan@rlrealestategroup.com. Regan Laughlin and her team of real estate experts would be more than happy to serve you.

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