5 Best Home Selling Tips for Your Santa Cruz Property

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A home with a view


Selling a Santa Cruz home with an ocean view has an instant advantage. It already has the built-in wow factor many buyers love - the stunning scenic view of the wide expanse of sparkling blue water. Aside from the view, who can pass up the opportunity of waking up every morning to the sound of crashing waves, or a chance to take an early morning walk along the sandy beach, or to feel the cool ocean breeze?


If your home happens to be right in front of the beach, the more appealing it becomes. However, having a home with an ocean view doesn't guarantee that your home will sell successfully. There are still some things you need to do to ensure your home will be attractive to buyers.


How to prepare your ocean view property


When your career is taking you someplace else, and you are planning to sell your oceanfront property, here are five exceptional tips to prepare your home.


1. Repair any issues your home may have. The high salt water content in the air can cause things to easily corrode, so you may have cracked paint, and your roof and other metal items may have become rusty. Do not paint over it in an attempt to hide the issue. Don’t let it be the reason for selling your home at a lower value.


2. Declutter and clean. Buyers love bright, spacious homes. You can achieve this look by decluttering. Donate, give away or throw out any broken or unnecessary items like old shoes, outdated clothes, DVDs, books, broken toys, etc.


You are going to be packing anyway, so decluttering is a great start to sort out which items you should take with you and which can be given away.


Clean the house until it sparkles. Make sure to deep clean the kitchen and the toilet. Cleaning includes even the drawers and cabinets, so start organizing. 

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3. Stage it. Staging is crucial. You want the interior to have that “beach home feel” because you are selling not just a house but a lifestyle. Staging your home with an ocean view in Santa Cruz can help the buyers feel emotionally attracted to it, which will encourage them to buy the home.


4. Maximize the ocean view. Remove anything that blocks or obstructs the exceptional water view so that is the first thing the buyer sees upon entering the home,


Favor clear glass windows instead of windows with treatments that can ruin the view. Bushes and tree branches should be trimmed to get the best view of the ocean.


Seating arrangements should be centered towards windows with a view, so the buyer can easily imagine himself relaxing on the seat while gazing into the peaceful, blue waters. When the water view is on the deck, clean and repaint it if necessary.


5. Find the best Realtor®. When you want to sell your Santa Cruz ocean view home successfully, get the assistance of the best Realtor® like me, Sandy Wallace. A Realtor® can help you price your home at the right market value, market your home, and place your home on different real estate listings where buyers can easily find it.


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Selling your ocean view property can be challenging because you have a smaller pool of buyers compared to other homes for sale, but when your home is prepped and priced correctly, it will find its way to its new owner’s heart.


Following the tips mentioned above will not only sell your home successfully, it will also give you the best deal for your home.


Are you selling your Santa Cruz home? Call me, Sandy Wallace, at (831) 818-7099. Real estate is my passion, and whether you are selling or buying, I can help you make the best deal for your home.


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