Home Inspections in Gallatin and Hendersonville TN

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Many people have questions about Home Inspections in Gallatin and Hendersonville TN, and we will answer many of them in this home inspection guide.  Although our focus is these communities in Middle Tennessee, the answers will apply to most home inspections anywhere in the country.

Home Inspections in Gallatin and Hendersonville TN

What do Home Inspections cover?  How much do they cost?  Can they kill the deal?

Accent Properties inspection-300x300 Home Inspections in Gallatin and Hendersonville TN Buying a Home  home inspections Home Inspection   Don’t buy a home without a Home Inspection. It’s just not worth it!!

Who makes repairs after a home inspection?  So many questions!  First of all, let’s start with what a Home Inspection isn’t!  It isn’t an appraisal, so don’t confuse them.  An appraisal is only a determination of value – ordered by the lender to substantiate the loan value of the property.  Sometimes an FHA or VA appraiser will order certain repairs to be made that are within their guidelines.  But you should still have a home inspection performed for your own benefit.

Although the words ‘home inspection’ is thought of as a 3-4 hour inspection of the house by a professional home inspector…it is in reality so much more!  There are many types of inspections that the basic home inspection just does not cover.

Many people enjoy our recent blog post “How to Buy a House“.  It’s a guide with tons of information about looking for red flags while home shopping, which can sometimes help you avoid spending the money on a home inspection.  If you see a lot of problems when viewing the property – you might want to find another house?  It’s easy to tell if a home has been well maintained just by looking around.  If you see that visible things need attention – then you can bet that things behind the walls haven’t been taken care of either!

What is a Home Inspection?

A typical home inspection is a thorough inspection of the property for the purpose of finding any defects or problem areas.  This is normally a visual inspection.  If the inspector notices a problem area outside the scope of his expertise, he will usually advise the buyer to consider additional inspections specific to one area of the house.  He will also tell you what is good about the property – and usually provide you with photos and a full written report on his findings.  He should discuss ongoing maintenance for certain items.  You can expect basic home inspections in Gallatin and Hendersonville TN to cover these items:  read more about home inspections

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