How to Sell Your San Diego Home without a Realtor- Day 5

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How to Sell Your San Diego Home without a RealtorAs I wrap up the first week of this particular column, I must now address the importance of photographs. This week, I have addressed the importance of cleaning, pricing your home correctly, staging, and now it's time to discuss your listing photos.


The vast majority of fsbo home sellers take photos with their phones and post them online. There is little thought given about the time of the day, natural lighting, and editing your photos for maximum effect. I absolutely do recommend investing in some professional photos. You may be selling your home at a low price but the $100-$200 you spend on a professional real estate photographer will be the best money you spend. To this day, I still hire a photographer for all my real estate listings.


How to Sell Your San Diego Home without a RealtorWhether you opt for a professional, or do it yourself, take your photos when there is as much natural light in your home as possible. Consider these two photos that I just pulled off the fsbo section of san diego. These are for an expensive home yet notice the lighting in each of them. These were obviously taken in the evening, and it affects the quality of the image.

Do these make you want to run out and see this home?  Does it show the How to Sell Your San Diego Home Without a Realtorhome in the best (pardon the pun) light? 


Ideally you want your photos to be light, bright, and to step off the page.  Open all your window coverings, turn on lamps and overhead lights, and take photos at the best time of day in your home for natural light. By doing these three things, you are likely to get better images of your home. Like it or not, buyers make the decision about whether to see your home based on the photos. Your don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

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